Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Outing!!!!

Hi everyone!!!

Come along and
join my 
weekend adventures with me!!

I started off the weekend wandering through one of the local antique stores in town.
I took a few photos
of some of the highlights.
This store sells new items and some antiques.

Here's a 
 very cute white bed...

Gold highlights everywhere....

Birds and pine cones......

Tons of pillow arrangements...

Lovely dishes....
I really liked the colors of this display.

More pillows...
and a really neat sofa.

I had fun wandering through the store.

After the store I set off to the lake.
It was a very windy night so I settled in
to draw a quick little lady.
My little people drawings are little lake 
people characters.  Note, she is complete
with a salmon skeleton, and fish hook hat.
 She is wearing a warm coat, because it's 
still only about 18 degrees out during the day.

I decided to take a walk in the morning.
 I came across a creek that had frozen over
and had flooded the surrounding trees in ice.

It's very beautiful, but slippery.

Lots of sticks and vegetation
 are suspended in their icy
homes.  They are stuck until the warm weather frees them.

There are little sprigs and pine cones laying about everywhere.

Up above the shoreline the wind had blown
some fish bones onto a soft mossy bed.

And in a tree I noticed a beautiful Eagle feather.  

Even the lichen in the  trees looked tangled and
tired from the high winds. 

It was a cold walk along the shore.  My only company
was a distant car out on the ice.  
A very determined ice fisherman.
I noticed that he had left as I hiked into the woods.  
I guess the cold wind
forced him home.

You can see all the twigs on the old trail from the 
high winds from the previous evening.

On my drive home I noticed that
Cook Inlet still had
a lot of ice floating about.
Our days are getting longer, so the sun
will soon win
and make it disappear.

My weekend came to a close with a beautiful


  1. Thanks for taking me on your weekend outing, you just seem to live in another world! Love your drawings! Have a great week!

  2. Yes, thanks for the nice walk. It is all so beautiful and even strange fish bones being blown around. Nice photos!

    Have a great week!

  3. Very interesting. Your pictures are beautiful and I love the pics from the antique shop. The dishes there are adorable.
    Your drawings are very cute - I´m totally in love with them. Supersweet!
    Much thanks for your comment to the antique pots. In this post are some wonderful treasures and if I could I would buy them all - hubby would not be excited. He loves more simple things.
    The weather here is cold and rainy but I hope I can tomorrow a little trip to a beautiful village in the near.

    lots of greetings,