Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mushrooms for Heidi!!!

Today's blog is especially for Heidi, and of course for anyone else who may be stopping by!  

A request for mushrooms!!!  

I teach private lessons in the evening to students ages 5 and up,  and when I have a unfilled space of time I doodle!    Most of the time my little doodles only take me about 15 minutes.  The silly thing about my
doodles is that I don't think they are done unless I pour on the glitter.  I guess I like bright shiny things.  My little sketches are just for fun and they make time pass while I wait for my next student!  I have started a little collection of three mushroom ladies......ok, I know maybe a little strange.  I'm sure that I will have more as time goes know how it is with fungus!

This is the first one I made....notice the glitter!

Here's the second one, she has her own little mushroom baby.  Fungus has to multiply too!!!!!

The last one is a little morel lady.  I seek these out every spring.  These are really yummy mushrooms.

I have a lot of these, they are so cheerful!

Even my choice for an amaryllis is red and white LOL!

See....look here's my breakfast nook area...
It makes me smile!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

After a walk it's time to create!

On the way back to the house even a simple clover flower looks unique with a hat of snow!

                                    Water puddles are frozen into unique and beautiful designs

A lodge pole pine has its coat of snow to keep it warm.  These trees are not natural to the area, but are extremely hardy.

When I reach the driveway I find rocks encrusted with ice.  I love the crackling sound they make when I walk on them!  Really takes you back to your childhood!

Even the yarrow looks stunning in its snowy blanket!  Flowers in the winter, even dried out flowers from the fall are a real treat!


When I'm not in the mood for sewing I pick up my watercolors and or color pencils and start to paint and draw.  I don't look for perfection.  I was looking for a oriental style with this bird.    Walking and creating is all in a days work.....

Monday, January 24, 2011

A wonderful sunrise.  I was lucky to see this because I usually like to sleep in on the weekends.  I thought the pinks and blues were really beautiful!!!  Maybe I will have to get up earlier from now on!

I had the usual morning visitors on my deck.  Stellar Jay footprints give them away.  Sometimes these beautiful blue birds sit on my upstairs deck in the morning and peck on the railing and window.  They are my alarm clocks!   I have seen them just sit on the deck and watch me sleep.  Blue little peeping toms who want peanuts all the time.  I find the remains of shells all summer long in the garden in some of the most unusual places.

When I begin the walk to the lake it's always nice when the snow is heavy on the trees.  I love it when they are arched with the weight of the snow.  I like the feeling of a canopy to walk under.

Down on the lake there are wonderful views from behind the cottonwood trees.

Lake ice with beautiful colors of blue and aqua.

And grass that hugs the lake in its icy coat.

Little kinnikinnick berries are snug in their little icy caves.

There are beautiful ice sculptures on the lake and river.

These shapes and forms are endless.

There are crystal delights everywhere.  These twigs are decorated with icy little thorns.

The lakes edge has its own little surprises of ice crystal forests.  I wish I could see these even more magnified.  Such delicate little wonders!
And if you walk further towards the river
there is even a bigger reward!

Crystalized salmon from the fall are covered with their own wonderful icy diamonds!!

Down by the river there is a beautiful view of Round Mountain.  The rivers edge has ice crystals reaching up to greet it.   So many wonders in the middle of the winter...who could have guessed!