Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Photos of My Visit to Seward Last Weekend...

On my last weekend of Spring Break, I made a trip to Seward Alaska.
I love to go beachcombing, so whenever I get the chance I head 
that way to relax and explore.

The beach has so many treasures awaiting discovery that never
cease to spark my interest.

Colorful tangled seaweeds and perfect fish skeletons
caught my eye.

The tide was out during my walk so there was a bounty 
of wonderful things to look at.

The sea weed was exposed from it's watery bed...

And little patches of color brought a boost to my snow filled days.

Limpets numbered in the thousands and were 
numerous on the rocks and their small crevasses.

Off in the distance Harlequin Ducks stayed away from my advances on shore.

I also saw an eagle, a mountain goat, and a sea otter off in the distance.
I love walking on the beach..

It doesn't matter to me where it is, it's always fun to explore!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

You Know its Spring In Alaska When?

When the eagle is actually sitting on the
 "Eagle Tree"
This tree is pretty empty during the cold winter months.
Now that warmer air is moving in, there is actually time for them to sit and enjoy
the warm sunshine.

When you find a tuft of moose hair hanging on a twig.
That can only mean one thing....the moose are starting to loose their winter coats!
No need for all that warmth in the land of the midnight sun.

When little birds like chickadees and nuthatches
 start checking out the bird house.

When there are little avalanches on south facing slopes.

When some of the lake ice starts to recede.
 Soon the migratory birds 
will be making their way back to Alaska.  
This year we had a couple of swan and duck families stay the winter.

And last and I think most important is that the rabbits are starting to
show a hint of brown in their ears!!
That's when you know spring is truly on its way!!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Crows, Ravens, Iditarod, Northern Lights, and of Course Snow!!

It's been ages since I have posted on my blog!!!
I have been so busy with work
and the days have just flown by,  I can't believe it's already March!!
I hope you enjoy this mixed up little post filled with some photos that will 
fill you in on what I have been up to.

Every winter I try to sneak up on ravens and crows and take pictures 
of them.  They are very wary and it's tough to get close to them.
As you can see from the first photo if you offer a crow a french fry you might just
get a nibble.  This particular crow was so pleased with his prize!!!

The bottom photo is of a raven.  I have been trying to get close to one of these
for over a year.  They look almost exactly the same as a crow, but larger.  
These birds are very smart and they don't let you get very close!

I have been taking walks with my camera, even though it's still 
pretty cold out.  We were down to about -3 below last night in
Cooper Landing.  It's still very cold in Alaska and spring
is still several months away.  We have had a record snowfall this winter
so I'm wishing for a really warm summer!

Of course when you live in Alaska there is no getting away from moose!
They are starting to feel the long winter and I'm sure they are just as 
anxious as I to be done with it and see green grass again!

This bottom photo was taken on the shores of Kenai, where the river meets the
ocean!  As you can see, it's still icy!

I'm sure other parts of the United States are witnessing cherry blossoms
and tulips, but not us!!

While I was in Kenai, I took this photo of the Russian Orthodox Church.
There are several Russian Orthodox Churches on the Peninsula and
they are all very beautiful.

The surrounding area reminded me of snowy sand dunes. White 
wastelands of snow instead of sand.

At night the active suns solar flares have brought the Northern Lights to our doorstep.
Beautiful moving sheets of green in the sky.  
This is one of my first Northern Light photos, and it gives you an idea of what they
look like.  

I also have spent a lot of my time watching the last great race on earth, 
the Iditarod.

It's become a very big event in Alaska!!

This race starts in Anchorage and many Alaska Natives come in from remote
villages to enjoy the activities.  
I am always amazed at the beautiful clothing the Eskimos wear.  An assortment
of different furs, beads and headdresses.  All handmade with 
 the up most of care.  

Next year I'm going to take a couple of days and photograph the different 
parkas that the Natives wear to town.  

The hats alone will keep me busy!!

And then there are snow sculptures!!!!

And fur auctions!!!

And at the end of the day........there is usually a wonderful sunset in
this land of cold!!!  Maybe tonight I will be treated to another 
round of Northern Lights!

This land of cold really captures your heart!!
Now I hope that spring will warm it!!!