Thursday, February 10, 2011

Good Memories!!!!!!!!

I was a little nostalgic the other day and pulled out an old dress that I used to wear when I was younger.  It doesn't fit me anymore, but I still love it.  I even had matching blue shoes for it!  Perhaps someday I will have a grandchild who will want to wear it.........ohhhhhh what a great tea party we will have!!

I love Alaskan native baskets and beadwork.  Some of these have a wonderful cottage appeal to them, especially if you find them in soft colors like these old Eskimo slippers

                                        One of my favorite collections is a really simple one.  Heart shaped              rocks...perfect for valentine's day.  I find these heart shaped rocks on my walks.  Some of the white pieces are coral.  I found those when I was in Maui about ten years ago.  I have a pesky stellar jay who loves  to pick out the white coral rocks and throw them out of the blue bowl.  I guess he has his own idea of decorating and doesn't mind putting his beak into it!!!!!

                                      Since I was being nostalgic I had to include this photo of some of my feathered friends.  The left black and white chicken is "Cruella".  she would follow me like a puppy.  She loved to be held.  She was  one of my best friends with a heart of gold!!  Bantam chickens are such wonderful pets besides being good little egg layers!


  1. What a beautiful dress and colour!
    LOVE it!
    Wow I can't believe you have soo many heart shaped stones...
    And you have CHICKENS!
    I really would love some chickens
    Have a lovely weekend

  2. Phil found Mimi a huge heart shaped rock she treasures it, I'm blown away by your collection.
    I'm amazed how many fossils there are the boys are always finding them on the beach.

    Love your dress Momma, did your daughter ever wear it? love the ruffles.

    your chickens are so sweet!
    Swedish house posted a little while back some amazing coops I loved the blue one best!

  3. Love these heart shaped stones..Once I found one too..on the beach at the North Sea in Denmark,..but it was white, looks polished and has a heart whole in the middle..still have it ;o)
    Have a nice weekend!

  4. Hello from germany,

    much thanks for your nice comment in my blog. It makes me happy to have a reader from alaska!
    I love animals and have two tiny biewer yorkies. Your hens look beautiful and if I could I would have a little farm with all the animals whicht belongs to.
    Tomorrow I will add you to my favourite bloglist, now I have to go to bed.
    Perhaps we drive tomorrow again in the alsace region - wish me luck.

    many kindly greetings,