Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lowell Point...Beach Bliss!!!!

A two hour scenic drive south of Anchorage puts you on the shores of
Resurrection Bay.  Lowell Point is in Seward Alaska and its one
of my favorite places to visit and walk the beach.

I love taking photos of all the beautiful seaweed on its shores.
The shapes and colors always 
bring me such joy. 

Treasures from the sea that look like flowers.

And seaweed that reminds me of beautiful watercolor washes...

I never tire of my walks on this peaceful beach.

I can spend hours exploring it's shores.
Every visit leaves me with a smile.

There are many kayaking tours out into the Kenai Fjords National Park.

Kayakers can experience wonderful views of the surrounding mountains, 
get up close to glaciers and see the wildlife in the area.

There is always a sighting of sea otters and sea birds.
and if your lucky sea lions and whales.

Lush forests meet it's shores...
and the mushrooms thrive on its damp vegetation.

I love it there!!!!!
It is truly a beautiful place!