Sunday, February 20, 2011

Miniture Quilts At School!

I was teaching at Hanshew last week and ran across these cute
little miniature quilts hanging in a classroom.

They are all very tiny about 6 to 12 inches across just to give you
an idea of their overall size.  My dear friend who made these 
tiny little treasures gave me permission to post these.  

I especially love the first one because you don't need to be a 
great quilt maker to put this together even in a weekend.
The tiny little pieces are attached with buttons and big
embroidery stitches.  

The second one is a cute little heart

And the last one has embroidery to help emphasis the face.

Makes me what to get out my scraps and start 
quilting again!!

Maybe I will make my own version of the first 
Quilt!  If I do, I will be sure to post it!


  1. Very sweet...the last one is my favorite....looks like April for my get away. How was Seattle on your lay over?

  2. Good morning,

    I have never seen such mini quilts, they look precious and beautifully. Unfortunately I can´t sewing - if I have time I do a little bit crocheting and knitting.
    Your collection of crocheted potholders are so sweet - have you crocheted ally by yourself? They look so pretty vintage.
    And your pyrex collection - oh I love it. In future I want to buy some items - they will be nice in my white and pink kitchen.

    Our little Zorro-doggie enjoys snow so much; he is really a snowdog. Rambo is the opposite because he hates snow and rain. Today it is very rainy here in germany and he don´t want to walk with me but he must! They are our little companions and we love them deeply.

    Have a nice week,