Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Warm Thoughts!

Seems like so many places are still stuck in a deep freeze.
Cold temperatures, snow, freezing winds, and ice.
I thought I would post a little watercolor that I made
to help warm up our thoughts for green grass,
flowers, and warmer temperatures.

My son and daughter are both off at College.
One is in Idaho and the other is in Oregon.
It's snowing in both places today!!!
Thats rather unusual
for this time of the year!

In Anchorage this morning it was a warm 8 below zero!!

Maybe if we all put our minds together and think warm thoughts we might just succeed
in sending old man winter away!!!

Ok, all together now!!

Think warm fuzzy sunny thoughts, ha, ha

Grab a nice warm quilt and get cozy!!

And don't forget that awesome cup of hot chocolate!!

Be safe and stay warm!!!!!!


  1. Love your linens Momma...I so hope were soon going to say goodbye to below zero temps....the extra daylight is so nice!

  2. Thanks for your very nice comment on my blog. Love your art. Your blog is so special and I was thinking you should know Heidi, so I checked and see that you already do. I remember the earthquake, too, except I didn't live there and have it firsthand like you did, I'm sure that was REALLY traumatic! Being in Wyoming I remember hearing about it and relief efforts and it was a pretty big thing even here. Diane

  3. You are very talented - the painting is so artful and adorable. Unfortunately I can´t painting but my sister makes beautiful aquarells too.
    And the cup of latte - so yummy!
    In germany it is very cold too and today it was snowing. I wait on spring!

    a big hug,

  4. You are talking about a warm -8, in Holland we call this terribly cold :-)! I hope the weather will change for the better in Alaska soon. Your watercolour looks lovely Christine! I hope we will see those bright pink flowers soon.

    Happy sunday!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  5. Hi! Thanks for commenting my blog and welcome to the world of blogging! I just scrolled through your blog and noticed that we love a lot of the same stuff; vintage, crochet. I love your watercolors! Hope to see more of you and your art! Have a nice weekend and a great week!