Thursday, February 17, 2011

Super Tired!

I'm super tired today!  Private lessons sometimes end late at night and there are so many things still left to do in the day.  I taught at three schools this morning, Chugach Optional, Fairview Elementary, and Lake Hood Elementary.   Travel time to each school was only about 10 to 15 min.  and this means standing in front of the class and teaching!!!  The kids were terrific!!!  
They all wanted me back, so it was worth it!!!

I am so.......

Dreaming of spring break and summer vacation!!!  Yearning to find time for making  cards, painting, and gardening!!!

I taught at Hanshew yesterday and one of my friends who teaches there has tiny miniature 
quilts hanging in her room.
I will post them when I have more time.
Maybe tomorrow!

Until then take care~~

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  1. I'm so tired to it was a rough night between my two sickies and Mimi still has a fever of 102 this morning.....poor baby! George is so in need of a haircut you can't even see his eyes.
    I hope your not coming down with something also....I think I'm going to Seattle during spring break....I can't wait!