Thursday, May 26, 2011

Springtime in Ptarmigan Pass!!

Ptarmigan Pass is located on the Kenai Peninsula
in Alaska.

It's about an hours drive from Anchorage
It amazes me that the flowers are already blooming even 
though there is still a lot of snow lying about.

Beautiful fields of tiny little yellow flowers
are dotting the pass.

Everywhere you look you 
can see new 
shoots pushing up!

They are in a hurry...
the summers are short!

I even spotted a lupine!!
Very early
for this flower to be blooming!

At the bottom of the pass
there is a magnificent view of snow capped mountains and glaciers.
I love this spot.
The water lilies are emerging as well.
This is a favorite water resting spot for swans and ducks that are in migration.
Before the 1964 earthquake this area had a multitude of tall trees.

Happy summer to you all!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Spring Flowers!

The awakening of spring flowers is finally here!

Beautiful chive blooms are like a 
firework explosion of 
pink and lavender!

The lungwort flower is not to be outdone!
I always marvel at these flowers
and their beautiful 
shades of blue, pink, and purple.

It amazes me that these shade loving flowers
have such magnificent color combinations!

I also have these soft yellow primroses in my garden...
they are lovely and smell oh so nice!

I love these flowers
because they
come back year after year without fail!!!!!!!!

In the woods wild red currants are 
bursting forth their tiny pink flowers.

And just for fun........I have included a whole vase full of paper cupcake flowers!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend 
enjoying the flowers in your area!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

For The Love of White!

I love white!!
There are so many different 
colors of white and mixing them
together makes for a really warm room!

The above vintage bag is hanging on one of my bedroom door handles!
I love the little dangling trims.

And who
could forget beautiful white of feathers...
I like to collect them and use them
in my collages.

Lace trims and fine crochet work
fit anywhere!

White chenille and neat trims add a lot of texture 
to a room...
I think it makes a room cozier!

I found this photo...
Wouldn't it be fun to sleep in this dream
attic hideaway?   It would be like
sleeping in a cloud.

Don't be afraid to paint your 
world white.
It adds a nice charm to everything.

I like to place white pillows
on my bed
or on my 
white bedroom love seat.

I think they are charming!

I still am looking for a beautiful floor 
length mirror that I can 
paint white...

Or for a cute set of white angels!
Here is another cozy
that makes me want to
jump right in.

With a white matelasse cover...
and a 
nice down blanket...

I'm ready for relaxing!
Have a super sweet week!

May your week be filled with peace and joy!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Come Browse An Antique Store With Me!

I went to an antique shop today...

I enjoy just looking and browsing the stores to see what's out there.
Lots of times I  go just to wander and relax.
For me it's a lot like going to a museum.

I fell in love with the enamel spice drawer in the photo above.
It's rather expensive so it's been waiting patiently 
for someone to buy it.  
It has been in the store for almost 6 months now.
It always pulls on my heart strings when I see it!

Today they had some beautiful "Lu Ray Dishes"
for sale.  I love this color.  These dishes come
in soft yellow, pink, blue, peach, green, and a very rare gray color.
Aren't they sweet!
I used to work with a lady who had a whole set of these dishes
in a multitude of different colors in her kitchen.

I love boxes...
and this little tin
caught my eye.

Hmmmm...look at the color, I seem to have a one track mind!

I also fell in love with this pillow, and I think I may go back for it!!
I hope it will still be there waiting for me
I really want to take it home!!!
Those kitty eyes 
are calling me!!  :o)

I don't remember what the name of this dish style is,
but aren't the handles and saucer really cute?

When I saw these hair rollers it brought back memories of my childhood.
I can't believe I had to wear these to bed!
Good thing we have electric curling irons now!!

A toy?
Not sure what else it could be.
I have never seen one of these
before have you?

There were also beautiful canisters hiding behind
a tea service.  Very pretty!
I love the roses on them!

And a very springy hat that I would never wear,
but it insisted that I take a photo of it
for you.

I included these green dishes
to celebrate the arrival of our spring here in
Yes, spring is finally here...tulips, daffodils, and dandelions!!!
I know, I'm excited about dandelions!!!

I enjoyed my hour of browsing at the antique store.
It's always fun for me to
look at lovely things from the past.

I came home to my Mother's Day Orchids.
Little minis on the window ledge
welcoming me home!

Have a great week everyone!
Be safe!

 Happy Browsing!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tea or Coffee?

 I love pretty cups and dishes, and I love
serving tea or coffee 
in beautiful

I have complete sets, but I think it's really fun 
to serve tea or coffee in mismatched 
china around the table.
Everyone gets their own special one of a kind cup to
admire while they have a nice cup of tea or coffee.

Which cup would you like if you came to 
my house?  

Would it be a beautiful rose cup like the one above, 
or would it be this simple,
but elegant
cup below?

Would you choose a beautiful 
cup dripping with roses 

I have a complete set of china with the pattern below.
This china is so versatile and fits with
everything...simple or fancy.

My daughters favorite cups are the
ones with little winking
I will have to put them in her hope chest,
they will make 
for a great surprise!

I love it when you find a set that 
still has it's cake plate to
go with it!

Would you want a royal cup?

 Or something plain, but with elegant shape?

 Or one that shows your equestrian side?

Or maybe one that's 
vibrant with gold trim?

 Or one that might reflect an art deco oriental taste?

 Whatever cup you would choose
would be just fine 
with me!

We would fill it with a great cup of cheer!!!

Have a Wonderful Week!!

Happy Mothers Day!!

Wishing You All A Wonderful Mothers Day!

She Walks in elegance whose heart
Is filled with beauty, like the spring
Her gentleness is but a part
Of all the joy her graces bring.
The things she taught me at her knee
Are honesty and faith and love,
No one is lovelier than she
Whose soul is joined with things above.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Random Thursday!!

It's Random Thursday!!!

I haven't had time for one of these in awhile,
so enjoy!

The above photo is of a doll purse.
It was made in the 20's,
I think it's so sweet!

And here is a photo of a vintage apron with 
little embroidered kittens.

Do you love redwork?
I do...
I picked up this redwork 
quilt  last winter. 

Lots of different designs
all embroidered in red.
I've posted a flower block for you.

I love quilts and I  have a small collection.

My favorite quilt is this poppy quilt...
It's soft colors are 
wonderful on cold winter nights.

my first child
was born, I made this little door hanger
to hang on their door handle 
when they took naps.
Tiny little cross stitches!!

Oh the wonderful memories this brings back!!

And a very random close up photo of one of my flower vases.

I hope these photos brought a smile to your 
busy week!!