Monday, September 12, 2011

My Weekend Adventure With a Moth!

My weekend was really busy, but 
I found some time to 
look for some moths.  Moths are one of my favorite 
photo subjects to photograph in the fall.

After a little searching I found one hidden under a leaf in the garden.
When I first saw him I very gently tried to lift him from his leaf to my finger.
He decided that he was not going to have any part of this so 
instead dropped to the ground.  No worries.... it was a short fall, but to my amazement
he decided to play dead.  

I got a great picture of him lying motionless, flat on his back, feet outstretched.
Who could have guess that he had such a sense of humor!!

I know how to do CPR, but this was not in any of my handbooks.
A comedian in my garden!!!  I know that he was just 
applying his self defense strategy, but I couldn't help smiling at him!
He made me laugh!  

After some brief moments of concern on my part, I carefully placed him in my hand.   He lay safely in my hand until his fear of danger had passed, then he roused himself and sat on my finger.   He was so patient with me and sat still for all my photo shenanigans!
He really made my day!!

 I love his style, don't you?  

Friday, September 2, 2011

Finding the Last Summer Delights

In Alaska the summer months are coming to a fast close.  
Soon we will be seeing fresh termination dust on the mountains 
surrounding Anchorage. 

This is a great time to go out and catch those last glimpses of summer before
they fade.

Lots of moths are to be found in the evenings on the windows 
when it gets dark out.
I love their variety of colors and shapes.  Butterflies are always out shinning them,
but I think moths are extremely beautiful if you take the time to look.

My dahlias are making their last stand.  In a few weeks I
will have to dig them out 
and store their tubers for the winter.

I was lucky to find a single rose in bloom.
This one will most likely not be
able to produce a rose hip.

I always take tons of photos of spent
dandelions I think they are fabulous 
up close!

 And if I'm lucky I'll find a butterfly drinking nectar
on one of the last fall flowers.  

In my garden large  Orb Spiders are fairly easy to find right now.
Scary to some, but fascinating to me!
They are really very shy creatures and they spend a lot
of time hiding in their curled up leaves.

Even the leaves seem pretty amazing 
as they ready themselves for fall!

I'm eager for the three day weekend.  Hopefully I will be able to
find some more lovely things to share with you all.