Monday, April 23, 2012

The Sun Brings Migrating Birds and Flowers

Our quiet winter wilderness has become very
noisy lately due to all the migrating
ducks and birds. 
Our ponds, lakes, and streams are full of ducks and
geese looking for good nesting spots.
And...the air is filled with song!!!
It's a total rebirth for my soul!!

I went down to the Lagoon and took some beautiful
photos of the Canadian Geese that 
are resting before they fly on
to their summer nesting destinations.

The Sea Gulls have also arrived, they make such
a racket, but I love them.

I spotted this lone American Wigeon.  These ducks are among the
earliest waterfowl to reach their summering grounds.  They
usually lay about 9 eggs and forage on grasses and sedges.
They winter in Central America, the Caribbean, Northern Colombia, Trinidad and 
occasionally Venezuela so they have come a long way to reach the 
ponds and lakes in Alaska. 

There were of course a lot of Mallards around sunning 
themselves on the shore.

In the woods the Pussy Willows were starting to bloom.
They look so tropical with their
brilliant red stamens.  These stamens turn
yellow after about 24 hours.


On the forest floor the Caribou Moss is 
starting to find its way out of
its wintry blanket.

Now there are small mini micro climates popping up.  These small micro
climates are hosts to the
first real flowers of spring!

There are Sandhill Cranes foraging for food in snowy fields.
These birds use thermals to obtain lift when they fly, they can stay
aloft for many hours.  They travel from New Mexico.  Their diet is
the most varied among breeding birds.  They feed on berries, small mammals, 
insects, snails, reptiles and amphibians.

Down at the Lagoon the ducks and geese were busy jostling for prime resting and nesting spots.
Many of them will fly on to the Interior and the Arctic Circle, but some
will stay and make their summer homes down at the

They will have to fly over snow capped mountains in search of 
marshes to raise their young.
It's so exciting to have them back!!!  Without them 
it wouldn't be spring!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Warm Spring Lakeshore Hike

There is a hint of melting going on along the edges
of Kenai Lake.  We are being blessed with
warm spring air.  It reached 84 degrees on the deck, and
the temperature away from the house was averaging in 
in the high 50's.  It reached 58 degrees at our house and it was 
still 43 degrees at ten pm.  We heard that its suppose to snow on Sunday 
and Monday in Seward!

The rabbits were enjoying the warm air and green grass thats starting to
peek out from under the snow.
I saw my first butterfly!!!!   Totally exciting!!!

There is still however a lot of snow on the ground and on the mountains. 
I'm wondering if it's all going to melt this summer since we had
a record snowfall this year.  

I found some fish bones from last falls salmon along 
the exposed lake shoreline.

I have collected these for years and store them in a container, I think
they are beautiful!

Everywhere there were signs of melting!!
The shoreline docks were resurfacing.
It's amazing how such little things can make a person so happy!

This leaf caught my's melted its way through the ice
 under the warm sun.

Yay, the melt is underway!!!!

This has been a long awaited spring and
I like everyone else in Alaska is
really appreciating the warm weather.

I had a great walk today and my friend the Stellar Jay checked on
me as I hiked along the lake. 

It was wonderful day!!!
Definitely a day of rebirth after a long winter!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter!!!!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Easter day!!
It's a very snowy day here in Alaska,
but the wild rabbits are having fun eating
the green lawn shoots.

A tiny area of green grass has surfaced due to the warmer weather, 
and they are taking advantage of it.

These photos were taken this morning before we had
another big burst of snow come through. 
Their exposed grass areas are now covered again by a good inch or
two of snow.  No wonder they were in such a hurry to fill their stomachs 
with fresh grass this morning.  

When the rabbits were here we also had a 
 cute Gray Jay stop by for a visit.

Again Happy Easter to all of you!!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Has Arrived in Alaska!!!

It's a time for celebration today!!!  Spring is finally here in Alaska!!
Beautiful sunsets and sunrises are more plentiful again.

The sheep are coming down to forage on the tender little green grass
shoots.  Even my lawn is trying to escape from the snow. 

The birds are also starting to fill the snowy landscape with song!!  
I spend hours on end outside listening to them sing!  They bring such a smile
to my life!!!

In the distance a volcano stirs awake sending a plume of steam into the
air.  Spring is very special in Alaska.  I can't wait to explore
again!!!  No more boots, no more heavy jackets,
I'm ready!!!!