Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Here is a sampling of my heart rock collection.  My favorite rock is the 
top gray rock that has a perfect little heart cutout.  
I found that rock while walking on a beach in Oregon.

It was so warm this last weekend.  I felt like I was in
the tropics at 42 degrees. 
I know that might still be cold for some of you, but for an 
Alaskan it's a major heat wave!  
Especially in February!!

There is still a lot of snow everywhere, but there were tiny
little islands of green trying to escape their wintry beds.

As I made my way down to the lake I spotted
a down Eagle feather caught on a lake shore pine.


 The trunk of this Aspen caught my eye.
I love the colors and texture!!!

I was in heaven with all the green foliage.
It's been such a long winter and my eyes
were searching for these lovely islands of green!

Walking in the tropics of a 42 degree 
Alaskan day in February was
sheer joy!

I hope you all have a wonderful
Valentine's Day!!!

Enjoy it with someone you love!!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Beautiful Sunrise!!

I had to share this beautiful sunrise with you all, isn't it gorgeous?
I woke up to this sunrise yesterday.

It's been a really cold winter in Alaska and we have had
some super cold days without any hint of warmer temperatures.  


This morning brought a wonderful change in the weather,
I was so excited to wake up to fresh snow and 38 degrees of warmth!!


I'm sure it won't stay, but it's 
fabulous right now!!!

There is a ton of snow in the mountains.
and it's still February in Alaska, but today spring is in the air!!
And for that I am very thankful!!!

Stay warm everyone!!