Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Late Tuesday Night Thoughts.....

As some of you might have guessed from looking at my
blog I love textiles. 

Ok....I have said it before...
Be patient with me, ha, ha!!  After all I'm new to blogging and have to find my way in blog land.

Old blankets, quilts, basically anything at all that is made by hand I love.
Did I mention hook rugs?  Well I also love them! 

Especially in Alaska where our winter months are very dark
these little gems 
not only help keep my floor warm, but 
give color to 
the house.

Our days are really short in the winter and it usually gets dark around 4 pm.   I can hardly wait for summer when the sun never seems to set and I'm still out gardening at 1 am.

Finding beautiful textiles in Alaska is a challenge so I have been thinking
about making my own hook rug.  

If I can squirrel away enough free time, I might make a small one.
A really small one :o)

Or I might make a punch pillow first.  
I guess the two techniques are pretty similar.

Even though we are still under a blanket of snow in 
Alaska I'm sending
some winter flowers your way.

This is the common yarrow.  I guess you can make tea out of the flowers.  I might 
try it this summer.   My mom has made a terrific syrup out of dandelion flowers so
who knows maybe yarrow tea might not be bad.



  1. Wow. I´m so impressed about your cute rug. I love all things with flowers on it and this rug is so adorable. Your have done really a super job in making this rug! You can be proud.

    dearest greetings,

  2. Lovely .....I have alot of catching up to do on you Momma!!!