Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Flowers, Swallows, Pigs, Sheep, and a Beautiful Reflection!

I spent my weekend planting my flower boxes.  Hopefully
the wild rabbits will leave the flowers alone this year.
Last year the rabbits had a feast on my
freshly planted boxes.

The swallows showed up this last Friday, I love it when 
they arrive.  They are excellent mosquito catchers.

Every spring the males try to get the females to take up house in my multi 
unit bird house, but every year the females reject the house.  I think community 
living is not for them.  I wish a pair would stay and take up 
residence, they are so pretty.

I had a chance to go to a little garden shop in Kenai, 
The garden shop also had little piglets and sheep in residence.
I loved this little pigs sleeping arrangements.

The sheep were very tame and came right up to the fence in search of a 
good scratching.

I was very happy to oblige them.  

I thought I would leave you with a beautiful view of Tern Lake.  It was a non 
windy day and the reflection of the mountains was spectacular.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Weekend Wish

Wishing everyone a blessed and safe 
Memorial weekend!

Thank you to all the Veterans and their Families who have given so much 
for all of us!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Grizzly Bear Weekend!

The leaves and grasses are starting to take hold and with it comes the bears
out of hibernation!!  

This last weekend I was lucky enough to see this beautiful 
Grizzly Bear out on the Seward Highway.  

This bear was so busy eating wild celery and dandelions.
Not just the flowers, but the entire plant!!

There were no cubs with this bear, so it may very
well be a male!!  

I love the thick dense fur on this beautiful bear.

Always remember to keep your distance!!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Visit to the Anchorage City Greenhouse

I finished my last concert yesterday morning, so I decided to 
treat myself to a visit to the Anchorage City Greenhouse.
It's a very small greenhouse, but perfect for a short visit.
It's been cold outside this week and today our high was
only about 42 degrees in some parts of town.

I always stop to see the fish in the pond and I was excited to see
this Christ Thorn plant blooming.  In the greenhouse
they are small compact plants, but they can be used for 
hedging in tropical climates.  

It was very peaceful in the greenhouse, so I really enjoyed
walking around and taking photos of some of my
favorite plants.

I always stop to photograph the cactus's,  their spiny geometry 
always amazes me.

There were hundreds of Ladybugs hiding in the plants.  
 I spotted this one running on a chain.

Beautiful colors...

And even a grapefruit!

It was nice to get out of the cold and wind.
I heard they are predicting a mix of rain and snow for this weekend.
It's been a slow start to spring after such a long cold winter.

Outside the tulips are starting to appear, so I know this cold spell
will be short lived.
Thank goodness for city greenhouses!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Some Oregon Heaven!!!

I took a trip out to Oregon this last week and fell into Heaven!!!
The Portland neighborhood streets were blooming paradises for me.
It was so relaxing!

I had to take pictures of everything...

And when your an Alaskan that just went through a record all time snow fall,
flowers make you forget that cold winter instantly.

Dogwood Blooms....

Rhododendron blooms....

Fields of color....
It was amazingly beautiful!!!

Oregon had a pretty cold winter as well so all the blooms were a little 
on the late side, but perfect timing for me.

I was so happy so see the cherry trees still blooming.

We drove out to the Willamette Valley and stopped for a walk along the
river.  I love this old paddle wheeler.

There is a floating dock for fisherman to sit out on.  One lucky fisherman
caught this little guy.  I don't know what kind of fish it is,
but it was sent back to the water.  This fisherman was looking
for something bigger and tastier!

Along the riverbank I saw these beautiful wild pussy willows.
I have never seen any this long.

I spotted deer tracks along the way.

And wild irises.

I also spotted this mother bird trying to tuck all her babies under her wing.
If you look closely you can see a set of legs hanging out from under her.

I love Oregon and it's ivy.  

And all the mossy lichens in the trees.
It was a bit of heaven for me!!