Sunday, February 6, 2011

I'm Back From Seattle!!!!

I'm Back!!!!

I had a great time in Seattle & Oregon

I took a trip out to Seattle to pick up my daughters car and drive it to  Oregon for her!!

Green grass....I was in heaven!!

I stopped in Centralia Washington to wander their lovely antique shops.  

I can't believe I didn't buy a single thing...

Honestly I am very content just looking...

Part of the fun is finding a special treasure...

you know the kind that reaches out to you

I was looking to add to my collection of red and white dish towels

                                                             Or for miniature quilts...I made this
                                                blue and white cat quilt several years ago and
                                                embroidered it with silk ribbons.  I make it when
                                                I can't find it!!!!

I am always on the look out for red and white this one.

This one I picked up several years ago for a song...It makes me smile

                                                               My never ending search for
                                                     wonderful textiles....they are my biggest

                                                                  I also look for
                                             vintage brooches and necklaces, but nothing
                                             caught my eye.  I made these little pincushions
                                             and I love to toss them in with my costume jewelry and
                                             embroideries.  So sad, I didn't find a thing to add
                                             to this little family group!  I think they will be fine :o)

                                              I'm also always on the lookout for beautiful
                                              plates.  I found these two in Centralia about 10
                                              years ago.  They are a matching pair....I wonder
                                              if there are more lovely ladies that go with them.
                                              No more to be found in Centralia!  They must
                                              have saw me coming!  :o)

A beautiful mantel display

                                                              And a sweet card........

                                                     I love these...they would be great on
                                                     a Valentine Tree.  These were not for
                                                     sale.......must keep looking....ha,ha

                                                                 And a beautiful display...
                                                      Sorry the photo is so small I have
                                                      yet to figure out all the mechanics of
                                                      my new phone!

The best part of my trip was seeing my daughter and walking on green grass!!

That's an Alaskan for you!!


  1. What lovely finds, I am also a happy collector of textiles, love, love, love them! I am taking the trip down I-5 today as I do most weeks. I pass Centralia but never take the time to stop and shop..We have a home in Vancouver USA and all of the family live in the Portland Oregon area (where I was born and raised).

    Have a great week.

  2. So jealous Momma, I think I'm going to try and go down in March green grass, ahhhhh.....loved your treasures!!!