Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Tree!!!

It's a cold snowy day in Alaska so I 
decided to make a "Valentine Tree" with some very simple supplies!  

First I added some tiny little clothespins hearts...
to some birch tree branches...

Then I added some paper flowers in a variety of different sizes....

And viola!!!!   You have a nice Valentine tree or table decoration.  
I have mine on my breakfast table.

                                                      But you could put it anywhere.......
I thought it looked really cute up against the snowy window!
Cold outside, but sweet and warm inside!

I saw a beautiful valentine tree display in one of my magazines last year...mine
is not as costly, but if you want to make it more festive
this tree would be fun to make as well.

And what about a "Valentine Tree Card" that you can make for those you love...

I made a little watercolor card of some dogwood blooms.
The little paper flowers on my tree remind me of  these 
beautiful flowers.

Hope you all have a Wonderful Valentine's Day!!!

Wishing you all joy and love
with those dear 
to you!


  1. Very nice! I like that your tree is so understated, it allows one to appreciate each part. It looks good on your breakfast table but I like it best in your window.

    Happy Valentines Day!

  2. HEJ
    What a fabulous idea!
    I am from snowy Sweeeeeden
    Would definitely brighten up my window
    Think I will try it ;-)
    You have inspired me
    Tack sa mycket!
    Happy February Days...filled with all that you LOVE

  3. Very nice, I love it. We had to go to Anchorage yesterday and brrrr, so windy and snow.....
    I wanted to make a garland this year but I'm so busy with Phil maybe I'll just make a tree!!!