Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pot Holders! Wonderful Kitchen Textiles!

Pot holders...

So many shapes, sizes and colors!!

They are the flowers of my kitchen!!

Green, red, blue...they are an endless source of 
color and texture!!
I love them....

They can be used on walls instead of art. 
Many of them are so whimsical.

pretty greens...


soft turquoise...

Isn't this wall cheerful!

And they come in so many fun shapes.
Here is one of a pair of little pink 

I like to group them together and put them on plates in my kitchen.
Great impact!!

The designs can be endless and really fun!!

Once you start collecting them it's really hard to stop
maybe that's the best part!

Here is another little dress, complete with flowers.
It sits contently on some pot holders that my daughter made
for me when she was little.

And little pitchers, so cute....

The colors are beautiful when they are all mixed together...

 I love this little face!

The flowers of the kitchen

will always bloom

and add color and warmth to your surroundings.


  1. They are so amazing as art I agree but maybe its the way you do it!!

  2. Oh my goodness...I am so loving these vintage treasures today. They so remind me of my grandma...she made oodles of these.

    Thank you for visiting me the other day...love your blog. xo

  3. Wow, what a fantastic collection of pot holders. I especially love the little red one with the girls face. Tam x