Sunday, October 30, 2011

Long Lost Treasures Found


I was thrilled when my Mother brought these lovely
egg warmers back from Germany.

It was just like finding several old lost friends!!!

These little chicken egg warmers used to be in our house 
when I was a very small child.

My Mother had rediscovered them while she was in Europe.  
Many years ago we sent them to my Grandmother
as a present.

After my Grandmother had passed away my Aunt put them
away in storage.

Now they are back with me making me smile.  They
work perfectly with the German polka
dot egg cups that I purchased 
from Heidi several years ago.

It's so nice to know that my Grandmother had cherished them for a very
long time.  I think I might try to figure out how to make a
few more to add to my flock!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Sorry it's been such a long time between new posts, but life gets
busy sometimes and mine has been that and more.

Autumn is definitely in the air in Alaska.  Our ponds are filled with 
migrating swans and geese.  

I took these photos up at Tern Lake on the Kenai Peninsula.

This weekend there must have been over 100 in the ponds along the roadway.

They are so graceful and elegant in the water.
It's such a shame to see them go.

But.... then it gives us something to look forward to when spring
rolls back around and they make their way back to Alaska.
Every winter a few swans don't make it out in time and 
spend the winter in the cold waters of the Kenai Lake.  

I'm always amazed that they can endure these cold temperatures
and cold water.

One fall a few swans at Tern Lake actually froze into the water at night and couldn't move in the
morning.  Thanks to Fish and Game they were rescued and sent on
their merry way.

Good to be back....Happy Fall to all of you!!!