Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Here Comes The Sun!!

The sun is slowly making its presence known.
Kinnikinnick Berries are
popping back out of the snow.
These berries have hung on all winter and will soon
drop after their new buds force last years fruit to fall.
Many birds have eaten these little berries through the long cold winter.

Even the pines are starting to look like they want 
to shed old growth.

Here are some more kinnikinnick 
plants making their way
out of their frozen winter homes.

Stellar Jay tracks are everywhere around my house.
They seem pretty busy trying to find some of their 
old food caches.

Moose have visited and broken off the tops of trees.
These trees will sprout more branches this summer.

This little cabin has such a sweet little sign. 

This sign was owned by a  lady who lived along the river, she sold her berries 
on a honor system.
I remember seeing this sign when I was a little girl.
She also sold poppies for a small price.

There is also a cook tent nearby.  

Here is a peek inside.  Kind of cute, complete with a little stove.
I can't wait for summer!
Soon shorebirds will be arriving in great numbers 
on the Homer shores. (Over 100 miles away)
We have a small species that spends its summers on the lake shore.
Their numbers are small, but it's exciting to see a pair nesting
along the shoreline.

Can't wait!
Do your stuff Sun!!!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Teddy Bear Love!

Teddy bears are such wonderful cuddly toys.
My children always had one in bed with them
every night to keep them 

My son had a favorite bear named
I'll never forget the first time my
son saw that bear...
It was instant love!

This is a cute little bear that  is dressed in a little knitted jacket and
hat that my mother knitted for him.

Here is a photo of my daughters favorite bear, his name is "Fritzy"
This bear was her best friend 
at night just like Noodle was my sons best friend.

Bears are such wonderful toys.  Each one has
a personality of its own.  Each one has a different face just urging you to make 
them yours.

Be they old or new there is probably one out there for you!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Random Photo Friday!

It's "Random Photo Friday"  
Posting some photos of things that might make you smile
and get you all ready for a relaxing weekend.

No message, just happy viewing.

The shaker above is one that I bought from 
Heidi's Store.  My whole house seems to have come from
her store!!!

And here is a set of random gift tags that I picked up the other day.
They have glitter on them so they were a easy sale!!!

I had to share this photo with you.  This is one of my favorite photos of my daughter.
I took this photo of her when we were in Venice.  She was 16 when we went on our Mother/Daughter trip to Europe.
I love the shape of her dress and the red bag.

These mushrooms are so beautiful and I take endless photos of them in the fall.

Here is a photo of one of my favorite cups.  My Aunt gave me this cup when I was
about seven years old for my hope chest.  It's a German set complete with a plate for cake.
I think she knew I liked polka dots!!!  

I stopped at my Moms house the other day and took a picture of a little set of dishes that she had sitting on a tray.  Really cute little set of mismatched things that really go together well.

Don't you think these two are a funny little pair!

Ok, that was random.  Hope you enjoyed it.

Be safe and happy!
Love you all!!!
Have a fun weekend!!!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Springtime Dreams.....

I can hardly wait for my spring flowers to appear.  It's still going to take awhile for those of us who live in Alaska, but I know spring is just around the corner.  
I would say a little over a month to go!!!
So until then I'll just paint pictures of

maybe stitch them on  a 

little tea towels like this one.

When the time arrives for gardening I will be in the 
garden sometimes until one o'clock in the morning.
That's the best thing about Alaska in the summer!
Living in the land of the midnight sun does have some advantages!!!

And I have my little bird nest on the coffee table to remind me
that spring is on it's way.
The butterflies are real, sometimes I find them on the side of the road
when I walk to the post office.

Nests, eggs, chicks, flowers and baskets
all remind me that my favorite holiday
is getting closer.

I love this holiday.

 The colors are so inviting after the
long snowy winter months.

I love everything about Easter! 
Easter egg hunts were a big event for my children
and so much fun for me and my husband.

When our kids were older we decided to hide dollar bills around  the house.
This became a favorite tradition.  

I was looking at a magazine the other day and came across 
this really cute room.

I just love the different shades of white.

And... I loved 
the photo of these beautiful bone handled knives
like the ones below.

They would look great on a table like this one.  
A great table for springtime dreaming!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Heart For You!!! (First Phone Blog, LOL)

I have been super busy lately, but I wanted you all to know I'm still thinking about you. I have had some busy evenings. The other night I was on stage conducting the Bloch Piano Concert. So much fun, but it makes for tired nights and days.

Sending you all a photo of a heart rock frozen underneath some lake ice. Enjoy!!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

A Sigh of Relief, A Visit From Heidi, Rabbits, A Bunk House, and A New Cartoon!

I had a scare this weekend when my daughter called to let me
know that she had been in a head on car accident.

A oncoming driver lost control on a icy hill.

Thank God she was not hurt! 

Besides my daughter, her boyfriend, and one of his best friends were in the car.  
They also
 were not hurt!! 
The oncoming driver responsible for the
accident also walked away uninjured!!

After hearing this news,
I kept myself busy drawing.

Even though they were all ok, my daughter had been asleep in the
back of the car and the impact had left her very bruised and sore.
Her boyfriend insisted that they go to the ER and make sure
that there were no broken ribs.

Good news.....just bruised! 

About midday I had some very special visitors. 
 Heidi came to visit with one of her best friends and her  best friends daughter.  We had tea, and I told a lot of stories.

Heidi brought me this cute polka dot cup and a sweet kitchen towel.
I will treasure them forever!!!

After my wonderful company left, 
I pulled out these little leaf creations that my daughter would make when

we took walks together.

We called them little "Fairy Purses"
She would pluck a leaf off a tree or pick a dandelion leaf then fold it over and push through their
stems, and presto a cute little purse would appear.  
 She would always give me the new purse creation and I would ooh and
awe over them.  I pressed them and saved them.
They are such  lovely reminders of our love for one another.

Really cute, and rather stylish!

After looking at her little purses I wandered out to the bunk house.
On the way I noticed that the rabbits had been in one of my flower boxes.
They are everywhere and I enjoy them. 
They have been very good about my garden and the apple trees.

One of them really had a nice dinner with this willow branch.

Spring is really
on its way even though it's still cold.
I spotted this feather on a branch.

When I got to the bunk house I pulled out a little miniature quilt that I made for my daughter.
I am storing it for her till she gets done with college.

The bunk house has boxes of clothes in it right now, but those will be tended to this summer.
It's such a cheerful little place, my little refuge.

Sometimes I come out here in the summer and just take a nap.

Or I will day dream with a magazine at the table.

It's such a fun place to be.  I have made most of the pillows, some from 
towels that I have stitched.

I am so glad my daughter is ok!
It's hard when your children are in another state!  
Both my son and daughter are off at college.

God Bless all our children and keep them safe!

I can hear the Stellar Jays calling....

so off I go to give them some treats!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Smile Day !! Quilts, A Log Cabin Library, Icy Water Fall, Cartoons, & Flowers!

My little town of Cooper Landing Alaska has a great secret!
A log cabin library!
Inside this cozy little log cabin library 
are beautiful quilts.

Each one really sets the mood for relaxation
and good reading!

And if your looking for dreamy colors to read by then this 
might be it.

Such a sweet library.

Everything here is on an honor system.
If you turn your books in late there are
no fines. 

That's right no fines!!
There is a large piggy bank that you can
make a donation to, but you are never forced to.
Why can't we all be on a system like this one!!

There is even a computer station, complete with a
quilted American flag.

Lots of mini quilts if your into those.

And a favorite spot for all of us is the
wood stove.
We have to keep our toes warm.


After the Library I went home and doodled.
Made some cartoons for my son who is off at college.
I draw them on the outside of the envelope (front left side)

My son is a runner so this is appropriate!
I glitter everything...poor boy!

Here is one of my originals.

Then I watered the plants.

Including this orchid

Still cold out and the waterfalls are still frozen.
Hope you enjoyed your visit to my library.