Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mushrooms for Heidi!!!

Today's blog is especially for Heidi, and of course for anyone else who may be stopping by!  

A request for mushrooms!!!  

I teach private lessons in the evening to students ages 5 and up,  and when I have a unfilled space of time I doodle!    Most of the time my little doodles only take me about 15 minutes.  The silly thing about my
doodles is that I don't think they are done unless I pour on the glitter.  I guess I like bright shiny things.  My little sketches are just for fun and they make time pass while I wait for my next student!  I have started a little collection of three mushroom ladies......ok, I know maybe a little strange.  I'm sure that I will have more as time goes know how it is with fungus!

This is the first one I made....notice the glitter!

Here's the second one, she has her own little mushroom baby.  Fungus has to multiply too!!!!!

The last one is a little morel lady.  I seek these out every spring.  These are really yummy mushrooms.

I have a lot of these, they are so cheerful!

Even my choice for an amaryllis is red and white LOL!

See....look here's my breakfast nook area...
It makes me smile!!!!!!!


  1. OOOH iLOVE polka dots and gingham especially in right and white too!
    And did you know me and Heidi are cyber twins?...
    I LOVE mushroooms too. She covets all my things...and me all hers ;-) LOL!
    Your mushroom doodles/drawings are soo sweet.
    Your last photo of your red n white objects is great!
    Happy red and white days...

  2. I love your red and white table but the shrooms stole the show.....Love this whole post cutie pie!

  3. Your mushrooms are precious!! I have always liked red and your collection is favorite on your table though,...the retro salt and pepper shakers.

  4. I came over from Heidi's. I love your little mushroom doodles. They really have a lot of charm and character. Love your red and white, too. Diane