Monday, March 28, 2011

Teddy Bear Love!

Teddy bears are such wonderful cuddly toys.
My children always had one in bed with them
every night to keep them 

My son had a favorite bear named
I'll never forget the first time my
son saw that bear...
It was instant love!

This is a cute little bear that  is dressed in a little knitted jacket and
hat that my mother knitted for him.

Here is a photo of my daughters favorite bear, his name is "Fritzy"
This bear was her best friend 
at night just like Noodle was my sons best friend.

Bears are such wonderful toys.  Each one has
a personality of its own.  Each one has a different face just urging you to make 
them yours.

Be they old or new there is probably one out there for you!!


  1. My mother still has her must be at least 75 yrs. old. We also buy her a collector Christmas Bear every year because we are never too old to love our Teddy Bears...Thanks for sharing your special friends.

  2. Sweet little teady these little guys, just looking at them is comforting :)

  3. Such sweet looking bears. I still have my old bear sittig on my bedside table. He is really old and a bit dusty now, but I still love him!

    Happy evening & lieve groet,


  4. I got each of the kids a handmade teddy when they were born from a local woman and dressed them in a baby outfit that they can have someday...I hope they will think its special someday!
    Love your teddys and the stories with them!
    She said she will be calling you soon her hubby came home for a visit....