Thursday, March 24, 2011

Springtime Dreams.....

I can hardly wait for my spring flowers to appear.  It's still going to take awhile for those of us who live in Alaska, but I know spring is just around the corner.  
I would say a little over a month to go!!!
So until then I'll just paint pictures of

maybe stitch them on  a 

little tea towels like this one.

When the time arrives for gardening I will be in the 
garden sometimes until one o'clock in the morning.
That's the best thing about Alaska in the summer!
Living in the land of the midnight sun does have some advantages!!!

And I have my little bird nest on the coffee table to remind me
that spring is on it's way.
The butterflies are real, sometimes I find them on the side of the road
when I walk to the post office.

Nests, eggs, chicks, flowers and baskets
all remind me that my favorite holiday
is getting closer.

I love this holiday.

 The colors are so inviting after the
long snowy winter months.

I love everything about Easter! 
Easter egg hunts were a big event for my children
and so much fun for me and my husband.

When our kids were older we decided to hide dollar bills around  the house.
This became a favorite tradition.  

I was looking at a magazine the other day and came across 
this really cute room.

I just love the different shades of white.

And... I loved 
the photo of these beautiful bone handled knives
like the ones below.

They would look great on a table like this one.  
A great table for springtime dreaming!!


  1. Lovely painting and embroidery! I love the way you're getting in the Spring / Easter mood! Hang in there - not too long now! How lovely to be able to garden all through the night! Have a great weekend :) Abby x

  2. I love your embroidery, it is different, like you painted with the thread, a very soft look.

  3. Very nice....I love your linens...
    I was going to try and call you Heather wanted to know if she could have your phone number to ask you something but she wanted me to see if this was ok first?

  4. Dear Chris,

    your embroidery is so pretty - I wish I could do this too but I have never learned it. How is the weather in your area? Today it was very warm and sunny and I bought some violets, forgetmenots, and mini daffodils for my balcony. And my father-in-law bought me 20 pink flowerpots; they look a little bit crazy (I love pink but I have a husband, you know what I mean) but they fit perfectly to the soft coloured balcony. I have planned to plant white and pink petunias in the pots. I will see what my husband says (smile).

    Have a nice weekend,