Monday, March 21, 2011

A Sigh of Relief, A Visit From Heidi, Rabbits, A Bunk House, and A New Cartoon!

I had a scare this weekend when my daughter called to let me
know that she had been in a head on car accident.

A oncoming driver lost control on a icy hill.

Thank God she was not hurt! 

Besides my daughter, her boyfriend, and one of his best friends were in the car.  
They also
 were not hurt!! 
The oncoming driver responsible for the
accident also walked away uninjured!!

After hearing this news,
I kept myself busy drawing.

Even though they were all ok, my daughter had been asleep in the
back of the car and the impact had left her very bruised and sore.
Her boyfriend insisted that they go to the ER and make sure
that there were no broken ribs.

Good news.....just bruised! 

About midday I had some very special visitors. 
 Heidi came to visit with one of her best friends and her  best friends daughter.  We had tea, and I told a lot of stories.

Heidi brought me this cute polka dot cup and a sweet kitchen towel.
I will treasure them forever!!!

After my wonderful company left, 
I pulled out these little leaf creations that my daughter would make when

we took walks together.

We called them little "Fairy Purses"
She would pluck a leaf off a tree or pick a dandelion leaf then fold it over and push through their
stems, and presto a cute little purse would appear.  
 She would always give me the new purse creation and I would ooh and
awe over them.  I pressed them and saved them.
They are such  lovely reminders of our love for one another.

Really cute, and rather stylish!

After looking at her little purses I wandered out to the bunk house.
On the way I noticed that the rabbits had been in one of my flower boxes.
They are everywhere and I enjoy them. 
They have been very good about my garden and the apple trees.

One of them really had a nice dinner with this willow branch.

Spring is really
on its way even though it's still cold.
I spotted this feather on a branch.

When I got to the bunk house I pulled out a little miniature quilt that I made for my daughter.
I am storing it for her till she gets done with college.

The bunk house has boxes of clothes in it right now, but those will be tended to this summer.
It's such a cheerful little place, my little refuge.

Sometimes I come out here in the summer and just take a nap.

Or I will day dream with a magazine at the table.

It's such a fun place to be.  I have made most of the pillows, some from 
towels that I have stitched.

I am so glad my daughter is ok!
It's hard when your children are in another state!  
Both my son and daughter are off at college.

God Bless all our children and keep them safe!

I can hear the Stellar Jays calling....

so off I go to give them some treats!


  1. Hej Chris

    Happy 1st Day of Spring for yesterday!
    Thank goodness your daughter and her travelling companions are all OK! What a shock!
    So nice that Heidi spent time with you...
    I LOVE the enamel polka dot mug, I would drink my tea out of that everyday...
    or keep my too th brush in it lol!
    Those little leaf purses are adorable what a lovely keepsake.
    I love your bunk house and all those beautiful cushions you have made...I think I would escape there permanently...especially having 2 teenage boys...who are driving me insane at the moment...
    Escaping to S'holm instead and to London with my daughter YAY!
    Have a wonderful week

  2. Hello Chris,

    Thanks for your kind comment on my blog.
    Pfff, what a relief everyone was okay after that accident!
    I LOVE your fairy purses, they are great.
    And I LOVE that bunk house too, it's such a cosy fairy house ...
    Have a nice day! Greetings, Carolien

  3. There is nothing worse than a scare like that!! Thank the Lord that everyone was kept safe. You are a very good artist and cartoonist, have you ever considered a book or series of some sort, the clowns on the road are great!?
    How nice to have a visit from Heidi, what a sweetie to bring such a special gift...I love your home and the bunk house is the best, I'm with Julie in that I would probably stay out there..Your miniture quilt is so precious, actually, everything is simply lovely.

    Have a wonderful Monday.

  4. That was such a fun visit and I'm so glad to hear that she was ok along with the other passengers....

  5. How great to meet up with Heidi! So sorry to hear about the car accident - glad everyone was OK, though it really shakes you up. Your bunk room is fabulous!! - love it!

  6. Alaska sounded exotic, so I made a litle visit in your blog...and found it very nice!!!
    The quilts are fabulous!!!!

  7. Your bunkhouse is adorable!!! I am so glad to hear your daughter is ok...what a scare..and such a blessing.

    I love your little polka dotted mug....I have a whole set of enamel red and white polka dot plates and mugs.

    xoxoxoxo hugs

  8. This bunkhouse is a Dream
    and also the other pictures
    greetings from switzerland

  9. Am so glad your daughter and her friends were not hurt - it must be a worry when your children are away from home.
    Your bunk house look so pretty and cosy, and full of special things that you have made with love - it must be a very special place with all the memories of past happy times.

  10. Hi Chris, your bunkhouse is amazing!! and I love the little leave fairy purses, so cute!