Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Smile Day !! Quilts, A Log Cabin Library, Icy Water Fall, Cartoons, & Flowers!

My little town of Cooper Landing Alaska has a great secret!
A log cabin library!
Inside this cozy little log cabin library 
are beautiful quilts.

Each one really sets the mood for relaxation
and good reading!

And if your looking for dreamy colors to read by then this 
might be it.

Such a sweet library.

Everything here is on an honor system.
If you turn your books in late there are
no fines. 

That's right no fines!!
There is a large piggy bank that you can
make a donation to, but you are never forced to.
Why can't we all be on a system like this one!!

There is even a computer station, complete with a
quilted American flag.

Lots of mini quilts if your into those.

And a favorite spot for all of us is the
wood stove.
We have to keep our toes warm.


After the Library I went home and doodled.
Made some cartoons for my son who is off at college.
I draw them on the outside of the envelope (front left side)

My son is a runner so this is appropriate!
I glitter everything...poor boy!

Here is one of my originals.

Then I watered the plants.

Including this orchid

Still cold out and the waterfalls are still frozen.
Hope you enjoyed your visit to my library.


  1. such a cute libray you have in Cooper.
    Love the vikings, too funny!
    great post!

  2. Wow!!! That waterfall!! Just found your lovely blog via Heidi!
    You are so lucky with your library - fantastic to be able to enjoy those quilts!
    Your cartoon is very clever!!
    Hope the weather starts to thaw for you soon!

  3. Wow, what a great Library - it looks so warm and welcoming! Love your drawings!

  4. I really did enjoy your cozy library,love the honor system...You pictures to your son are great, I laughed at the leader of the flock one, how funny...A very beautiful photo of the frozen waterfall, spectacular!

  5. hi
    thanks for visiting my blog.
    wow!!! what a wonderful waterfall!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    great cartoons!!!! you must be happy,that you have
    this cozy library.
    i hope you understand my english,i can better read us write in english.
    have a wonderful day,
    hugs regina

  6. Dear Chris,

    the quilts are very artful and the first one is my favourite. The picture from the icy waterfall is spectacular - love it.
    Books are a passion of me too. I have much of them and my sister is a bookseller (hope this is the right word) and so it is not difficult for me to get my favourite books. A book gives me the possibility to dream about other people, countries, to see antiques and the beautiful nature. My books are my darlings and I have books in every room of our house.

    My thoughts and my heart is with the japanese people, especially with the people who try to save the reactor. It is so sad and we germans are very shocked and very sad. Some projects here will give help to japan, but who can help the hundreds of children who lost their parents? It is desperate and so heartbreaking to see the pictures on the newsticker. I have tears in my eyes if I see all the poor people.

    Paß gut auf Dich auf,

  7. The quilts are very beautiful.:-)

  8. So much to enjoy in this post! I adore your library and all its quilts - I used to work in a local library as a 'Saturday Girl' and often let people off their fines!

    Your cartoons are great fun and the waterfall is quite incredible. Thanks for your comment to me, too!

  9. Hello,

    I just discovered your blog. What a joy! I have never seen such a beautiful and amazing library!!! The cartoons are so good too!
    I will have to read some more ;)

    Greetings from Holland, Carolien