Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Here Comes The Sun!!

The sun is slowly making its presence known.
Kinnikinnick Berries are
popping back out of the snow.
These berries have hung on all winter and will soon
drop after their new buds force last years fruit to fall.
Many birds have eaten these little berries through the long cold winter.

Even the pines are starting to look like they want 
to shed old growth.

Here are some more kinnikinnick 
plants making their way
out of their frozen winter homes.

Stellar Jay tracks are everywhere around my house.
They seem pretty busy trying to find some of their 
old food caches.

Moose have visited and broken off the tops of trees.
These trees will sprout more branches this summer.

This little cabin has such a sweet little sign. 

This sign was owned by a  lady who lived along the river, she sold her berries 
on a honor system.
I remember seeing this sign when I was a little girl.
She also sold poppies for a small price.

There is also a cook tent nearby.  

Here is a peek inside.  Kind of cute, complete with a little stove.
I can't wait for summer!
Soon shorebirds will be arriving in great numbers 
on the Homer shores. (Over 100 miles away)
We have a small species that spends its summers on the lake shore.
Their numbers are small, but it's exciting to see a pair nesting
along the shoreline.

Can't wait!
Do your stuff Sun!!!!


  1. Lovely painting of the birds - yours? Glad for you that Spring is starting. I don't think I could live in such an environment - bit of a wimp! Actually that's not true, but I do like warmth and sunshine and flowers! I guess you get used to it - and when birds and flowers do come, they're all the more precious. Abby x

  2. Hi Christine,

    It must be lovely for you to see those colourful berries appear out of the snow. I hope you will see more colour soon :-)!

    Lieve groet,

    Madelief x

  3. Your art is so nice, do you sell your work?

  4. I'm so excited about Spring, dirt is popping up all over!

  5. Lovely for you to see a bit of green i expect after your long winter!

  6. I have not sold any of my art yet because I am really busy with work. When my kids are done with college in two years I will have more time, then I will make some of it available for purchase.

    I heard that we are expecting a cold front tonight.....up to 9 inches of new snow expected. Wow, ha, ha!!

  7. What a different world to where I live in Australia! Thank-you for sharing these beautiful images. x

  8. Everything is so lovely... I adore the thought of that sweet little lady selling strawberries from her hut. Joy!

    Happy day my friend. xoxoxo Spring weather is coming.