Monday, April 11, 2011

My Weekend!

I spent my weekend in the garden removing old growth from
the perennial beds.  I always dead head in the fall, 
but in the spring the garden gets a second cleaning. 

While I was outside it snowed and hailed on me...
that's Alaska for you!!

I didn't see any butterflies, but I did see a couple of moths.  
I know moths, snow, and hail...what a combination! 

Here is a view of my garden in July!!!

My Mother gave me this little biscuit tin that she found at a 
local thrift shop.   It's a little English 
Murray tin.  
I think its rather cute for a thrift store 
find!  It's very hard to find treasures 
in Alaska!

I did think about knitting, but didn't have time since I was too busy in 
the garden.  I did look at two of my favorite hand knit sweaters, (my
Mom made these beauties for me).  My Mom is a super talented knitter.
Maybe if I get some time I will make myself 
some socks!

My wicker foot stool became a quick weekend project.

 I covered it in fabric
and topped it with an old lace crocheted top and pillow.
I rather liked how it looked so I will 
keep it this way until I tire of it. are the new dishcloth embroideries to go
with the Friday one in the older post.
I think they turned out 
really cute.
No time for knitting when your stitching.

Enjoy your week!


  1. Hi Chris, gorgeous embroideries, they are really lovely. The biscuit tin is a beauty. Actually, I also like your clock faces on the table. Hope you warm up soon, Tam x

  2. I 'm glad you had a great weekend, mine was busy but this computer thing is driving me crazy!
    Have a super week!

  3. Your garden is beautiful!!!!!!!!! And the little salt and pepper embroidery is darling!

  4. Lovely stitchery! Your garden looks great in the summer. Hope your snow(and hail!) goes soon! Abby x

  5. Hi Chris,hab mich über deinen Kommentar sehr gefreut .Finde deine Seite auch schön .Liebe Grüße Rosa