Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Some Egg-cellent Eggs!

Here are some wonderful egg photos
to give us inspiration!

I think some of these eggs are works of art!!

May they inspire us
when we 
make our own Easter Eggs this weekend!

Red and white redwork eggs!!!

 These three eggs below are
way beyond my ability, but aren't they beautiful?

for all us knitters...
some really cute little knitted eggs

We can't forget the
 child in each of us
so here are some
 funny little alien eggs!!


Do you remember hunting for eggs?

Hunting for eggs is such fun!!
I loved hunting for eggs when I was a kid!!
Now I like hiding them!!

Lovely hand painted eggs everywhere!!!!

And I absolutely love these painted wooden eggs.
Which one is your favorite?
I love the polka dot one!

And what about these?
 Don't they remind you of  beautiful delftware dishes?

Whatever your choice is...
remember to have fun
with your egg-cellent creations!!

There is a egg out there for everyone!!!


  1. A lovely post - some gorgeous eggs - and love the last pic! Abby x

  2. Hej Christine

    What a wonderful inspirational post!
    Even a red polka dot one too...I bet Heidi spots that lol!
    Wishing you and your family a Blessed Easter

    P.S. Thank You always for your lovely words of encouragement...x

  3. Gorgeous eggs, the top ones are amazing. Hope you have a wonderful Easter, Tam x

  4. Hi Christine,

    thank you for your nice comments. I am very pleased that someone so far away is following my blog. :-)))

    And thank you very much for these wonderfull eggs. I like the red ones, but the last two are my favourites. So simple, but so cute!!

    And another thank you for the foto from the wild bunny. I love it!!!

    Many greetings from Germany

  5. I have found your wonderful posts via those of Madelief. It's been lovely to visit and see your creativity. I know that I will visit again.

    Wishing you a Happy Easter, too.

  6. As a child I loved wrapping onion skins around my eggs and boiling them until they took on a "tie dye" orange brown pattern...
    Happy Easter.
    Julie x

  7. Lovely collection of eggs ;o)
    I'll search for my easter stuff tomorrow...hope they still alive ;O)
    Happy easter!

  8. These eggs are fabulous works of art!! I love the pysanky eggs!

  9. Indeed some egg-cellent eggs! :-) I think the Aliens ones will appeal most to my teenage son! I prefer the polka dots ones of course but also the red/ white paint work. Great post!

  10. Those eggs are gorgeous! Youve inspired me to be more creative with my easter eggs this year~ :) Have a wonderful Easter my friend~ Hugs,Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  11. Dear Chris,

    this egg collection is wonderful and I smiled about the last ones. This year my easter decoration included no eggs but some very sweet bunny figurines.
    So much thanks for your always kindly comments. Because of ver much work I´m often not so able to answer.
    Now I wish you happy easter days with lots of sun and lots of eggs,

    your Tanja

  12. Those are some wonderful Easter Eggs! Did you do the little knitted ones?
    Thank you for sharing them and have a great Easter!!

  13. The little knitted eggs are too cute! So is the little red and white polka dot one. Have a very happy Easter. x

  14. Hi Chris!
    Thanks for visiting my blog, and thankyou for the lovely comments!
    These painted egg photos are marvellous and inspirational, and they are definitely works of art!
    I love the blue and white delft type ones, as well as the glorious ones in the first two photos - beautiful!
    Have fun with your eggs!
    Gill x

  15. very spece the egs.


    Happy easter
    greatings you Conny