Friday, April 8, 2011

Is It Friday Already?

I can't believe it's already Friday, where has the week gone?
My week just seemed to fly by...

I need to think about making some Easter decorations.
I have already started to put together some  "Easter Care Packages" for my
two kids that are off at College.
Stuffing the boxes full of little goodies complete with Easter grass and eggs! 
It will be a tiny Easter egg hunt in a box!

If I have time I might make some more days of the week dishtowels.  
If I do I will share them with you.
I  made this one in very soft colors so it would look faded and vintage.
I think it turned out really nice.  The soft colors and flowers remind 
me of Heidi's beautiful enamelware collection.

I also have this urge to knit and crochet again after viewing so many lovely blogs.
I have to stick with indoor activities, because the cold still has it's icy
grip on us.  

Oh to have more days in the weekend!!!

The things we could all do......

Stay safe!!!


  1. I LOVE the teapot dishtowel you embroidered!!

  2. I thought the dishtowel was vintage, it looks like your plan worked...Lucky kids getting their Easter hunt in the mail, how fun!!

    Have a good weekend.

  3. Hi Chris!
    The teapot dishtowel looks authentically vintage - couldnt believe it whe you said you'd made it yourself, its lovely! The colours do make it look old, and its beautifully sewn - well done!
    Thats a lovely idea for your children at college - easter egg hunt in a box!They will love it!
    Thanks for visiting my blog, sorry its taken me a while to visit you again!
    Just going to have a mooch around your older posts if you dont mind!
    Have a great weekend, hope the weather warms up for you.
    Gill x
    ps LOL youre word thingy was scarvies - guess you're still in need of them :(

  4. Hi Chris, thanks for visiting my blog and becoming my newest follower, I really appreciate it, and its nice to meet you.

    Your teatowel is gorgeous!!!! Tam x

  5. Lovely theatowel you'd make!
    Have a nice weekend!

  6. Hello,
    thank you so much for your lovely vomment on my blog!
    I´m so glad that I found your blog!
    HAve a nice sunday,

  7. The weeks they come and go so fast! Look the weekend is over already and we are onto Monday.

    I adore your images but the last one with the cozy sweaters makes my heart sing.

    Hugs to you.