Monday, April 25, 2011

For the Love of Blue!

I like to use a lot of different colors in my
house and blue is one of my favorites.
So I have dedicated a blog to
this lovely color.

The photo above is a close up of one of my favorite appliqued quilts.
I love appliqued quilts, especially when they have a lot of extra embroidery 
on them.  
I'm always on the lookout for beautiful quilts!!
They are really hard to find in Alaska!

So I have to make them!
This is a photo of a miniature blue and white quilt that I made
several years ago for my Mother. 

A small blue embellishment!
This tiny little silk rose is 
snug tight around one of my chenille cat pillows.
Super sweet.

A very peaceful blue and white coverlet. 

That's the great thing about blue
it's a very
soothing color!

A small blue hand towel that has 
cute embroidered embellishments on its edge.

A very quick watercolor and ink sketch I made of some 
beautiful little Gentian bell flowers.

Blue Cameos...
so romantic.

Blue embellishments on white furniture...

And the  most beautiful enamelware tea kettle with
a very simple, but elegant aqua blue cake.

I just love soft blue colors...don't you?

Hope you all have a great week!



  1. Oh what beautiful Blues, Spring is Here! Love your Blog I am off to visit more. I am your newest follower! hugs, Diane

  2. A very happy blue the tea kettle and the cake, of course.

    You have a good week too.

    * Tomorrow is the drawing for my giveaway..Good luck!

  3. ok...that cake and tea kettle are the sweetest things I have seen all day. I wish I could help you eat that cake. Hugs my friend. xoxoxoxoxo You know I Love blue

  4. Happy Blue Day to you..What a lovely post many lovely colours of blue and all the memories that are associated with all your sweet things.

  5. Love all your pretty blues! Blue (and green) are my favorite colors. Your watercolor picture is beautiful.

  6. I love blue too - great pictures! Love your blue tea kettle and your gentian painting is very pretty. Enjoy your week! Abby x

  7. Blue is my favourite colour, sio this was fun! Love your sketch (wow, I wish I could make such beautiful paintings) and the quilt!!!

    Have a nice week & Dutch greetings, Carolien

  8. Gorgeous! I love blue too. The kettle is gorgeous, is it one of yours? Somehow surprisingly the blue cake does look delicious. Tam x

  9. wunderschöne Bilder !
    ich mag blau auch SEHR :)

    ...der Emaille-Kessel ist einfach ein TRAUM !!!

    herzliche Grüße

  10. All beautiful! And that cake! Words fail...

  11. Your blues are so pretty Christine. Oh I love that watercolor you painted. Just beautiful!
    It's a good thing you live in Alaska or I just might have to come by and sneak that teakeetle away to my house. Love it!

  12. Simply blue-teful. I'm so glad I stumbled upon your Blog. It's truly lovely.