Monday, April 4, 2011

Watercolor For Charity & Monday Cheer!

Hope you all had a great weekend
I spent mine drawing and painting.
I made this miniature watercolor this weekend for a charity event. 
I ended up with three paintings
by the end of the day.

This is my "Mackie" Doll
He is from Germany and he is a hedgehog.
I think he is really cute.
My Uncle Markus or as I called him Onkel Markus
looked a lot like my Mackie Doll.
His nickname was Mackie.
My uncle had curly hair and he was like a pied piper to kids.
He loved to tease!!!
Such a fun Uncle!!!

Here is the back of an envelope that I made my daughter.
I added a little poem to make it 
more fun for her.
I love writing letters.  My kids love receiving these special envelopes.

Below is a nice Moon Glass goblet.  I have started a nice little collection
of this type of glassware.
They made a complete line of dinnerware in this pattern.
It's kind of fun, because it fits to almost anything!

I must keep this short, I had a long weekend and it's getting late
so I need to go to bed and get
my beauty sleep!

Have a great Monday everyone!!!


  1. I love seeing your work and lucky kids getting these sweet, fun cards...Very nice glass, I am not familiar with the Moon glass, it is unusual and pretty....Have a nice Monday.

  2. I love you hedgehog...and goblet!
    That was so nice of you it will be fun to see how high it goes in the auction.
    I think your going to be surprised.
    Have a wonderful week I'm going to go and buy my paint this morning for the bottom cupboards.
    I pray we here from the man about the lodge this week....

  3. Oh I love your painting!
    And I knew this Mackie ;o) best friend has one too when we are little...
    If remember wel he is from a German TV spot about Children in the city and how to behave with traffic?!
    Wish you a happy week!

  4. I love your winter scene painting - you are so talented, its wonderful! Good luck with the charity event - i hope it raises lots of money.
    And I love the foxes in a basket! How lovely for your children to receive special drawigns and poems from you, thats such a lovely idea!