Wednesday, January 26, 2011

After a walk it's time to create!

On the way back to the house even a simple clover flower looks unique with a hat of snow!

                                    Water puddles are frozen into unique and beautiful designs

A lodge pole pine has its coat of snow to keep it warm.  These trees are not natural to the area, but are extremely hardy.

When I reach the driveway I find rocks encrusted with ice.  I love the crackling sound they make when I walk on them!  Really takes you back to your childhood!

Even the yarrow looks stunning in its snowy blanket!  Flowers in the winter, even dried out flowers from the fall are a real treat!


When I'm not in the mood for sewing I pick up my watercolors and or color pencils and start to paint and draw.  I don't look for perfection.  I was looking for a oriental style with this bird.    Walking and creating is all in a days work.....


  1. You are a very talented lady! Do you follow a pattern or just create it? Lovely watercolor.

  2. I love your walks and that bag is amazing both of them but the painting steals the show you know how I love your sweet mushroom people soon!

  3. I have patterns I follow for the bags.

  4. Heidi, I will post my mushroom drawings tonight after lessons.