Sunday, April 28, 2013

Snow Geese in Flight

They are on their way towards their summer nesting grounds.
I saw several flocks flying high above me today over Kenai Lake.
The wind was so strong we could see the flocks being separated and jostled around
by the strong winds.  
It's a good thing these geese are strong fliers!!


  1. I love that the winds were having are at least drying up the mud!
    Have a good week and as soon as were done with this house...lunch it is! Heidi

  2. Bridge Access road has about 500 sandhill cranes, snow geese and canada geese. Not sure if you are familiar with it. If you are down here it might be something you want to see. Your pics of these snow geese are AMAZING! I love seeing all of the migrating birds coming back. SO exciting.

    1. Thanks Amanda!!! 500 Sandhill cranes sounds wonderful!!! I have not been able to catch a glimpse of them yet this year. I'm hopeful that if I don't catch them this spring I will see them in the fall. I checked your post one day late otherwise I would have made the journey down.
      Have a great week!!
      Chris :o)

  3. You always get the best shots of the wildlife. My favorite part of this photo are those precious feet all flat against them. xo

  4. This is a beautiful shot. These are such beautiful creatures.