Saturday, April 13, 2013

In Search of Grass....

The Dall Sheep have come down from the mountains again in
search of grass.  Pretty soon they will be rewarded
with fresh green shoots.


  1. Oh yeah, another sheep: love them every time and this one looks especially cute with that piece sticking out of her mouth...

  2. Such soft looking creatures. Hope they soon have lots of lush grass. Diane

  3. He's cute......Jeremy went to prom last night..His date was as tiny as you are......they looked so cute together! I'm having a sunny Sunday down here , how about you? Heidi

    1. Awww that's so sweet, I hope they had a good time at prom!!! Sunny Sunday in Cooper as well. Stayed up for the Northern Lights last night, but they never appeared. I watching bunnies today. One like to get into the flowerpot and dine.
      Have a great day!!!!