Monday, July 30, 2012

Random Photos For a Rainy Day...

I'm experiencing another rainy day in Alaska, 
so I thought I would post a few of my recent photos to brighten up
my day and maybe yours.

July set a record for one of the coldest months ever recorded in Anchorage!!
It's a year of records, this winter we set the record for the most snowfall ever recorded.
I hope we can set the warmest August ever, but I'm not sure that's written in the cards for us!!

The first photo is of one of my Meadow Rue Plants.  These plants are very winter hardy
perennials, so I'm very thankful to see them green up in the spring.
The bees love them, so these flowers are a favorite stop.

This bottom photo is of a spent peony. It never fails to rain
when the peonies bloom.   I took this photo at our local perennial
garden.  I love walking through the garden, but I never go without my 
bear spray.  There are always signs posted of black bear sightings, so
besides my camera the pepper bear spray always make the journey
with me.  I have yet to learn to take the bug spray!!!
The mosquitoes are probably worse 
than the bears!!

Right before another rainfall I spotted this butterfly take food
and shelter under this bell flower.  This flower grows
wild all through Alaska.  Butterflies have been scarce this summer, I hope 
to see more as we get closer to fall.

The bottom photo is of a male Gross Beak.  It's hard to see his crossed bill
because of the landscape behind him.  He was super busy
eating little chickweed flowers and seeds so he hardly stopped to notice me.
These birds are so beautiful in the winter when we have tons of snow 
on the ground and trees.
The females are a soft greenish yellow.
These birds are wonderful singers and the forests around my house
just come alive in the spring with their songs.

I'm posting a photo of some Bog Stars.  Flowers that like rain more than me!  :o)
These flowers love damp areas so this is a good year for them. 
I'm sure they are loving our weather.

Two weekends ago we had a 70 degree plus day (I!!!)  and I spotted
these little dime sized butterflies trying to get a 
drink by the side of a creek.
It's not the best photo, but if you look closely you can see their tongues (proboscis)
all trying to suck up moisture through their straw like tubes.

Even with all this rain our 
rhubarb is blooming and its going to seed.  I never realized how
pretty the flowers were until I got up close to them and
took this photo.

The seed heads were starting to form on this particular stem.  I love
their red colored edges.


even though it's been rainy my secret wild strawberry patch has
been busy producing fruit.  These little berries are so much better
than store bought strawberries.  They have a very short shelf
life so they have to be eaten right away!!!

They are a great treat for a rainy day!!!

Hope you day is full of sunshine!!!



  1. WOW!!! Each of these pictures is stunning in its own way. I had no idea that rhubarb flowers were that pretty.

  2. I have never seen rhubarb flowers they are very pretty and delicate. Lately I have been taking notice of the beauty of some seed pods...makes me wonder why I have never noticed that before.

    Those strawberries are perfection..I can almost smell their sweetness. xo

  3. I agree with the mosquitos, all of our legs show the war with them......awful this year.....I'm calling you about Skyline this Saturday?

  4. I found out I'm in a wedding on Saturday......we were talking about Sunday now?
    we did a trial run last night, Chris this is a steep one.......

  5. I love the photos of the grosbeak, the butterflies and the strawberries! We had torrential rain here the last couple of days, but now the sun is breaking through the fog!