Monday, July 16, 2012

One of My Favorite Birds!!!

I love Sandpipers,
 and Alaska is blessed with several different types.

I think the one I captured on film is a Lesser Yellowlegs.
This sandpiper gets it name from it's brightly colored legs.
It is an active feeder, often running through the shallow water to chase its prey.

They usually nest on the ground in open dry locations.
These birds mainly eat insects, small fish and crustaceans.

Soon they will migrate back to the Gulf coast of
 the United States or further south to South America.

I took this photo out at Potters Marsh.  I was searching for Sandhill
Cranes when I came across this cute little bird.

I still have not seen a crane, but this little sandpiper made
my day!!


  1. Beautiful, Chris. Always enjoy your photography bunches.

  2. I love popping over, your photos are always amazing! How cute are the little duckling, they made me go aawww. Thank for sharing your gorgeous part of the world with us. Tam x