Sunday, July 1, 2012

Quick Post To Let You Know I Still Exist!!!

I'm having one of those super busy summers, so my blogging 
has gone to the back burner!!!

I'm still taking photos of nature and wildflowers,
but lack the time to keep it up 
on a regular basis.

All these photos were taken on the Alaskan Kenai Peninsula.
A bed of tiny Twin Flowers, a Yellow Paintbrush,
and below a sweet little Wild Aster.

I hope all of you are enjoying your summer!!!

Take time to look at nature and make a wish or two!!!

Hugs to all!!!!



  1. Love these pictures. I do enjoy the summer,but right now it is way to hot to suit me.

  2. Beautiful photos...we are still waiting for summer, we get a few days here and there. So nice though, that you are having a good one.

    Have a nice week! xo

  3. its been just too nice out to blog.....

  4. Nice to see you! I wish I had an excuse like good weather! It is so nasty here!