Thursday, May 3, 2012

Some Oregon Heaven!!!

I took a trip out to Oregon this last week and fell into Heaven!!!
The Portland neighborhood streets were blooming paradises for me.
It was so relaxing!

I had to take pictures of everything...

And when your an Alaskan that just went through a record all time snow fall,
flowers make you forget that cold winter instantly.

Dogwood Blooms....

Rhododendron blooms....

Fields of color....
It was amazingly beautiful!!!

Oregon had a pretty cold winter as well so all the blooms were a little 
on the late side, but perfect timing for me.

I was so happy so see the cherry trees still blooming.

We drove out to the Willamette Valley and stopped for a walk along the
river.  I love this old paddle wheeler.

There is a floating dock for fisherman to sit out on.  One lucky fisherman
caught this little guy.  I don't know what kind of fish it is,
but it was sent back to the water.  This fisherman was looking
for something bigger and tastier!

Along the riverbank I saw these beautiful wild pussy willows.
I have never seen any this long.

I spotted deer tracks along the way.

And wild irises.

I also spotted this mother bird trying to tuck all her babies under her wing.
If you look closely you can see a set of legs hanging out from under her.

I love Oregon and it's ivy.  

And all the mossy lichens in the trees.
It was a bit of heaven for me!!


  1. I have always loved Portland in Spring, everywhere you look are flowering beautiful. - The top photos could be anywhere in the city, I guess, but it reminds me of the Laurelhurst District or maybe Mt. Tabor area. - So nice that you got to get down. xo

  2. It looks wonderful. After a dreary winter,all those flowers look fabulous.

  3. Those are stunning photos Christa. NW Oregon is a lush and beautiful place!

  4. What a beautiful picture posting you made. I love all the flowers and their colours, the old boat is great and the little duck so cute. All your pictures are really beautiful.

    Have a nice weekend,

  5. Ah! Spring in Portland, my home town! Thanks for the lovely post!