Monday, May 14, 2012

Grizzly Bear Weekend!

The leaves and grasses are starting to take hold and with it comes the bears
out of hibernation!!  

This last weekend I was lucky enough to see this beautiful 
Grizzly Bear out on the Seward Highway.  

This bear was so busy eating wild celery and dandelions.
Not just the flowers, but the entire plant!!

There were no cubs with this bear, so it may very
well be a male!!  

I love the thick dense fur on this beautiful bear.

Always remember to keep your distance!!!


  1. Wow what a beauty....there baaack!

  2. How thrilling to get a shot like this...they always looks so sweet, but we all know better, ha! - Have a great week! xo

  3. Hi Chris - I saw one as I was returning Mother's Day at mile 106 just starting around the arm, with about 50 cars on both sides of the highway and figured it was too dangerous to stop (mainly because of the traffic) to take a photo. The bear was absolutely gorgeous. Then, of course, there were the goats at mile 108 with cars stopping without warning - LOL - was neat to see but I was totally glad to get further down the road! Around 1245pm, I think!

  4. Somehow I missed this post but now I've got it. Wow, what a sight! :-)