Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Walk Along A Snowy Lakeshore

Sharing a few of the photos I took from my last walk along Kenai Lake.

Bitterly cold at about 13 degrees.  I'm sure it was several degrees below
zero if I factor the wind chill in!

Thank goodness for warm boots and gloves!

On my walk I came across some great icicle formations hanging from a log.
Nature always has its surprises even in harsh circumstances.

I continued my walk  to one of my favorite places on a secluded little cove.
This little cove has a great grove of cottonwood and aspen trees.  I think it's so
beautiful here!

In the mornings or late afternoons the sky can light 
up with intense gold or deep pink colors.
I have been checking on the Aurora  nightly, but so far it's been too cloudy. 
 I would love to capture it on film.

Kenai Lake is shaped like a boomerang and is over 25 miles long
and can reach depths of 540 feet.   

Stream flow comes from the Harding Ice Field and its several glaciers, 
so the water is very

Sometimes the lake stays open all winter, but not this year!!
November has seen sub zero temperatures, so the lake is mostly
frozen except for Quartz Creek, Trail River, and the Snow River entries.
These should also freeze over within a month or two.

The lake is home to a lot of diverse wildlife.  I always see
rabbit tracks along the edge of the shoreline.  I'm glad
I can walk freely without the fear of bears, thank goodness
for hibernation.  Believe it or not every once in awhile I  see a few
mosquitoes in the dead of winter.  They are very slow
so no worries of getting bit!


  1. You sure have a beautiful area to take your walks. - 13 degrees, burrr...I can see why you have to bundle up! xo

  2. Those pictures were so amazing! It is like living on a different planet alltogether... Beautiful Chris! :-)

  3. What beautiful photos...I bet you had rosy cheeks after your walk!
    Julie x

  4. I loved seeing these stunning photos...what an amazing place to walk, and how beautiful the icy and snowy landscape looks in the different lights. Wonderful!
    Helen x

  5. Amazing photo's Chris! Especially for a city girl like me :-)

    Thanks for sharing!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  6. Oh, my....astonishing pictures!!! So it is winter over there?! We should also have winter and snow here by now, but it is a very mild weather (all the autumn).

    The landscape is unbelievable beautiful there!!!!

    I wish you a very peaceful second Sunday of Advent!

  7. Chris: thanks so much for posting on my Blog and it was a delight to visit this evening at Heidi's. More good times to come with gatherings. I don't believe that "returning" to a comment will come through; please let me know if you got my message. OR, EM directly to me at kareninkenai@gmail.com. Thanks. You have gorgeous photography here; we are so blessed and I, too, love the Tern Lake Area. How fortunate you are to be in Cooper Landing besides ANC, too. I also enjoy macros. We will have to talk cameras one day. Hugs and love, Karen

  8. Very beautiful and very cold! Hope you are well rugged up for a walk in this weather.

  9. Piękną, ale i mroźną zimę pokazujesz na ślicznych zdjęciach. Widoki wspaniałe. Pozdrawiam

  10. Thank you for the BEAUTIFUL pictures!