Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cozy Moose Mitten Walk

I'm always happy to pull out my cozy moose mittens.  I bought these in 
Whitehorse Canada many years ago.  They are definitely the warmest mittens 
I own and I am very grateful for them when I go for walks in the winter months.

As I headed down our driveway I walked past these wonderful alder pine cones.
They are only about a half inch in length.  They would make great 
miniature Christmas decorations for a little doll house.

We had a light dusting of snow last night.  These twisted roots 
are dusted with snow, but the ground
underneath was left clean of snow.  

The days are very short right now, and darkness approaches 
early in the afternoon around four o'clock.
When I'm out on my walks I always look for spots of color.

I came across this beautiful birch tree.  I love
the color and textures on this tree!!

The lake is now completely frozen, but I could 
hear the water hitting the ice. 
Every once in awhile I could also hear really loud bangs as the 
ice contracts and expands.
High above the lake shore were beautiful icicle formations.

Everything has a light dusting of snow, even the lichen on the trees.

It's a overcast day, but still beautiful.

On my way back to the house, I stopped at one of
my favorite benches.  This bench belongs to a neighbor.
I love the color of this bench, I think its beautiful!!!
It's a very worn bench with lots of lichen growing on it and
it has the color I'm craving during these long dark winter days.

It's great to get back to a warm house where I can dream of summer roses and get 
back to the holiday cookies.


  1. Beautiful......I'm coming up to Anchorage Tuesday.....maybe dinner?

  2. just wonderful!!!!! I love all your photos.I love
    the mittens....I love the snow and I love the dryed rose.
    Have a wonderful 3.Advent,
    love regina

  3. What a beautiful post... thanks so much for sharing your amazing photos, Chris. Karen [BTW, I will be in ANC when Alicia jumps into Goose Lake on Saturday - at least that is the plan now.] Have to get back for Sunday 1045am possibly; my oldest granddaughter is "Mary" in the church play. Will see how things come to fruition. Hugs. Karen

  4. Hi Chris, the moose gloves are gorgeous. The photos are breath taking, Thanks for sharing. Stay warm, Tam x

  5. Such beautiful photography.
    I love the North. I returned this spring from the NWT where I was a gallery manager. I carried many Inuit & Dene items like your mittens in the gallery.
    I've spent a lot of time in Whitehorse too, when I worked in the Yukon. I plan to return there in the spring.
    I'll be back to see your awesome photos again!