Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Weekend in Pictures!

I had a wonderful weekend
so I'm going to share some of the highlights with you!

My travels took me to Homer Alaska.
I spotted this beautiful horse,
and just had to take his
I think he's beautiful!

Flowers are now everywhere along the highway and some of them are in
 in a hurry to set seed.

Cotton Flowers were crowding the marshes along the road.
These make the most beautiful flower arrangements.
I can never resist taking some home with me.

This photo of the gulls was taken in Ninilchik.
These gulls were resting on top of a metal roof.

Close by the fishing fleets were waiting patiently
 for the season to start.
They are packed in like sardines, and everyone has to wait until the first boat sets off.

Ninilchik has a beautiful Russian Orthodox Church.

Homer is  about 45 minutes down the road from Ninilchik. 
The Homer shores have an abundance of different things to see and collect.

While I was in Homer the clouds parted briefly as the Amsterdam headed out to sea.

Chives are blooming along the river banks of the Kenai River.

And in my own garden a beautiful purple primula has started to bloom.

I'm always fascinated with close up images...and I loved 
the details of this leaves.

Rainbows were around every corner.

My daily visitor and friend came to see me this weekend.
This is "Elvis"  yes he still lives!  Elvis is a Stellar Jay and comes to my house daily for peanuts.
We have a system worked out...if he pecks the banister I give him nuts.
He knows where the peanuts are...the other day I had my back 
turned and he came into the house and sat on the peanut jar.
He's getting brave!!
I absolutely love him!!!

My weekend ended with some 4th of July fireworks back in Anchorage.

It was a great weekend!

A pretty random post, but I hope you enjoyed  it!


  1. Oh what a lovely day!
    I love your pictures from the mountains with snow/ice on their tops...looks great!
    Have a nice week!

  2. What beautiful photos, the horse shot is great! My favorite is 'Elvis', can you even believe that he came in? I bet you were so shocked to see smart the wild animals really are! xo

  3. Beautiful pictures! My favourite one is the horse.

    Lou xxx

  4. Your photos are just stunning Christa! Next best thing to visiting in person. :O)