Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Finally a New Post....Such A Busy Summer!

It's been a busy summer and blogging has gone to the back burner!
In Alaska you have to use the daylight
and go out and enjoy
the summer while you can!

I went hiking with my son and took photos 
of beautiful alpine flowers
I have posted just a few of my favorites.

The colors and sizes change in elevation.

The higher the altitude the shorter the flowers.
They have to stay low to the ground for warmth.

And of course when your not so high up the plants 
are a lot taller.

Short mossy flowers are abundant on the mountain tops.

 And if your looking for sheep you can find them as well.

This last weekend I ran into a mother ptarmigan and her five chicks.
They were so cute!

The above photo is of the mother,


below is a close up of one the chicks.

The mother ended up flying up into a tree so she could keep a better eye on me.

I also managed to squeeze in some fishing time in the afternoon.
The fish on the top is a white fish, followed by a rainbow trout, a dolly,
and then another good sized rainbow trout.

It's been busy, so my posts are few and far between.

When winter approaches I will try to be a better blogger!!
Just having too much fun outdoors!


  1. I completely understand! When the days are so long, and the weather is good, we have to be outside! I have done a lot of walking on local trails and gardening in our yard lately - nothing like a cool beer on a hot day, sitting in our garden!

    Have fun!

  2. The sheep are so adorable and all of the plant life is so pretty, each in it's own way. Enjoyed you taking us on the walk.

  3. Looks like you are going to have a delicious dinner tonight! (I love fish!)
    Thanks for sharing the flowers you saw on your walk. We don't have those here. I also loved seeing the mountain goats!!! I remember watching them on the cliffs, not far from Stanley Park (Vancouver) when I was a girl.