Thursday, June 2, 2011

Random Thursday!

It's time for a "Random Thursday Post"
I put a little time into my day
so I could bring you all some
 summer cheer. 

This photo above is of an old calendar top. 
I think these soft colors are really beautiful!
I may try to recreate this as a watercolor, if I do
I will be sure to post it.
I think she is so romantic, don't you?

Below are some sweet peachy pink egg cups.
I love the way these colors fade from dark to light.

Random, means random....
So things don't have to make sense!!!  Yay!!

I took this photo of
a duck decoy
and really loved it, so I decided to share it with all of you.
I love the green colors in this mallard.

Here is a close up of a vase I own.
Totally cute little flower blossom!!

I love to plant my flowers in old barrels!  Here's one that I planted the other day!
I love the way this turned out!!
Really makes me smile when I look at it!!

Do you love butterfly's?
I love them so much
that years ago I bought this appliqued quilt in honor of them.
All the butterfly's are the same color and are made out of this 
great old feed sack material.

If you love quilts,
here is the
 front of a quilted pillow
complete with a  crochet embellishment and a cute little
button...totally sweet!

And last for this Thursday's Random post is part of a 
very cute chenille flower pillow!

Enjoy your week and weekend!
I hope you enjoyed this random post
I always love putting them together for you!
Enjoy your summer and be safe!


  1. Your barrel planter did turn out nice! I really like how you put all of the different colors together and they work so well.

    Your egg cups are sweet, I collected for a short while but they are hard to find around here. Do you use the egg cups?

  2. Gorgeous random shots. I particularly like the calendar lady. Hope you are enjoying your sunny, (from a not so cold winters day in Australia) Tam x

  3. Love the appliqued butterfly - so sweet. And very pretty egg cups. Enjoy your weekend. Very hot here! Abby x

  4. lovely photos as usual Chris!
    Love the little butterfly applique!
    Its great to see little treasures from your home!
    Gill xx

  5. Love these egg cups..they looks like some cups I got from the grandma of my husband...
    ..and this butterfly plaid is great!
    Have a nice weekend!

  6. Christine - I love the planter! I bought some plants yesterday, and will plant my moose planters today, along with my hanging planter. I love the look of several different colors and textures in a planter...good job!