Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Random Thursday Photos!!!

I am posting a couple of my favorite photos that 
were taken in Alaska.
The first photo is of a male Grosbeak.  I love his beautiful 
raspberry red color.  The females are a very soft yellowish green color.
They really blend well with the moss this male is sitting on.

I'm spending a lot of time outside, so I am very
busy taking nature photos.  These photos
will get me through our long dark winters.

I found this squirrel skull this last weekend on one of my walks.  
I think it's so beautiful.   Those tiny little back teeth.  
A wonderful skull laying on a white bed of 
caribou moss with cranberry flowers close at its side.

When I was walking around in one of the mountain passes I found
this tiny little bee fly resting on these magnificent leaves.

 I love taking pictures of mushrooms.  This is a brain morel,
it's very toxic and should never be eaten.  It's a
wonderful example.  When you cut these 
mushrooms in half you will not find the
empty chamber that an edible morel has.

 You can see how late our flowers are compared to many other
countries and states.  This photo is of a flowering  mountain ash 

Below is one of my favorite photos.  Meet a tiny baby squirrel named "socks".
Socks, was found by my daughter in a mud puddle just before a cat picked him
up.  It's hard to resist a sweet face like his!!!  What a sweetie!

I have seen a lot of these very tiny blue butterfly's this year.
This one is about the size of a dime.

Alaska's state flower is the, "Forget-me-not"
I have a lot of them planted around my house.

And last but not least is one of my favorite bugs, it's a little snout weevil.
I think he looks so prehistoric, he is amazing!!

I really hope you enjoyed these photos.  I love taking photos for you!!
Take care of yourselves!!


  1. OMG Chris 'socks' is so cute I could eat him up! It's a fantastic photo of the weevil, the detail is incredible, Tam x

  2. Dear Chris
    Wow.... super! So nice pictures! I love your blog!
    Have a nice weekend with a lot of sun.
    Hugs Yvonne

  3. Fab photos - so clear! Beautiful - thanks for sharing. Abby x

  4. Gosh, There are lots of things here I have never seen before. I love visiting your blog as I am always seeing new flowers, birds or insects. Keep these gorgeous photos coming.

    Pam x

  5. These are amazing photos! I can't believe how close you got to the bird in the first photo. Thanks for sharing your shots of the outdoors of Alaska.

  6. Hi Chris,

    You made some amazing photo's. Love the one of the bird and the baby squirel. What a horrible looking creature that snout (wee)devil is :-)!!

    Happy day!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  7. We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place! I love the baby squirrel - such a cute little face!

    And the forget-me-nots...words fail!

    Beautiful, Chris, just beautiful!

  8. Chris, you surely must know that recently if one hears Alaska, that one might just zoom in on a totally different lady.

    I so love reading your posts and seeing your photographs and learning lots about beauty that is up there in our northwest corner.


  9. Wow! Lovely photos!!! I noticed the lingonberys were in bloom...


  10. Great images...I so love forget-me-knots...thank you for reminding me ..I need to plant some!

    Happy weekend

  11. Dear Chris,

    I´m enjoyed about your interest. Please send me a mail to because I didn´t found yours.

    Oh my god the squirrel baby is sooo supercute!!! I love them. Sometimes we have red squirrels in our garden and it makes me happy to see them eating and playing.
    And I have never seen a bug like this, it looks really prehistoric. Fantastic pictures you made!

    lots of greetings,

  12. Dear Christine
    Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind words! I appreciate it! Our daughter's name is also Christine...such a beautiful name!
    I think your photos are great as well! What a lovely blog. I just love Alaska, although I have never been there...hope to visit one day!
    I :)

  13. Hello Chris! Thank you for visiting and leaving me such a nice comment!
    Glad I've just discovered a new lovely blog!