Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mosquitoes at the Botanical Gardens!!

Anchorage has a very small botanical garden that has an assortment
of perennials, herbs,  and natural plants to the area.
 Today it also had thousands of mosquitoes lurking in wait for me.
The mosquitoes were relentless and made my relaxing walk turn
into a cross country run.
I took a lot more photos, but only had time to download these.
So many bugs....I'm still itching and scratching as I write this blog!
I"ll go again and take more photos, but only when we have a good strong wind!

As you can see the ferns are just starting to uncurl and the
bulbs are in their full glory.
They will only last for another week then they will be spent.

The colors were beautiful.  The garden has a lot of natural vegetation surrounding
it.  I will return and share more photos with you.
I'm going to go more prepared next time with both bug spray and bear spray in hand.

Last year they had to close this garden for several weeks due 
to bear encounters.

I'm thinking the bugs may be even worse!



  1. Bear encounters? Oh I wouldn't like that!

    Stunning images. I love them all.

    Pam x

  2. I saw our first mosquito last evening on our dog walk...a big old nasty one was on my husband getting ready to do some blood letting.... I killed it and saved his life. They sure can ruin a nice outing.

    The flowers are lovely, I have the one in the bottom photo, it was taken out of my grandmothers garden and planted at our Vancouver house. xo

  3. So beautiful!! I can see why all the wildlife likes to be there. But I wouldn't want to run into either one.

  4. Hi Chris,

    It does look pretty! Hope the itching is over!!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  5. Lovely, lovely photos. Poor you re the mossies - trhey're such a nuisance! Abby x

  6. Liebe Chris,
    wunderschööne Bilder !!!!!
    Die Natur ist wirklich grandios !
    Außerdem möchte ich mich ganz herzlich für deine lieben Kommentare, die du immer bei mir hinterläßt dolle bedanken - ich freue mich immer SEHR !
    herzlich iebe Grüße in die Ferne

  7. Hi Chris, if I was with you you would be mozzie bite free, they just love me to bits!! I think I'd rather a mozzie than a bear any day...that sounds so scary!

  8. Thank you for wisiting me so much. You are so nice