Monday, May 2, 2011

A Weekend in Idaho and Washington

I had a wonderful weekend in Idaho and Washington!!
Dogwood flowers everywhere
they were
absolutely fabulous!!!!
A little bit of flower 
heaven for 
an Alaskan!

Wonderful shades of pink and white!

I'm not sure if these blossoms are cherries or
apples, but these fluffy
were marvelous!

On our trip we saw elks, deers, and a coyote!
Thank goodness I didn't see
any rattlesnakes at this rest stop.
I did see a wonderful little lizard
that quickly found refuge beneath a rock.


We also saw at least two wind farms.

And some beautiful yellow flowers in the dry

Great views and good weather made 
for a wonderful weekend.

When we arrived back in Anchorage we saw a 
 red fox run across the road
as we were driving away from the airport.

We think he was out hunting the Canadian geese that 
are starting to rest in the ponds next to
the road.

I did bring home two little treasures...
I made one antique stop 
in a tiny town 
and picked up this sweet swan doorstop for
ten dollars!!

And the shop owner 
gave me this
little cream
container as a gift.

I love will always
remind me of her
and my great weekend in Washington and Idaho!!


  1. Gorgeous photos - I've never thought of visiting Alaska, but your blog and Heidi's make me want to visit! Abby x

  2. Rattlesnakes, Yikes!! Beautiful photos and that doorstop is a great find, I've never seen a swan one before.

    Have a great day.

  3. Beautiful!! I can see why you enjoyed your trip! The pink/white blooms looks like a double cherry to me. (not apple) And the yellow flowers would be something in the asteraceae family (sunflowers, daisies, zinnias, etc...)
    Your swan doorstop is really lovely!!!!

  4. Beautiful photos! I love living in WA~ Hope you are having a wonderful day so far~ Hugs,Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  5. hi christine,
    wonderful photos from your trip.lovely blooms!!!
    and the swan doorstop is really cute!!!!!!
    have a nice week,
    hugs regina

  6. Hello dear,
    that wonderful pictures!
    make me want to leave. Compliments
    very welcome and thanks for your compliments.
    A hug
    Susy x