Sunday, May 15, 2011

For The Love of White!

I love white!!
There are so many different 
colors of white and mixing them
together makes for a really warm room!

The above vintage bag is hanging on one of my bedroom door handles!
I love the little dangling trims.

And who
could forget beautiful white of feathers...
I like to collect them and use them
in my collages.

Lace trims and fine crochet work
fit anywhere!

White chenille and neat trims add a lot of texture 
to a room...
I think it makes a room cozier!

I found this photo...
Wouldn't it be fun to sleep in this dream
attic hideaway?   It would be like
sleeping in a cloud.

Don't be afraid to paint your 
world white.
It adds a nice charm to everything.

I like to place white pillows
on my bed
or on my 
white bedroom love seat.

I think they are charming!

I still am looking for a beautiful floor 
length mirror that I can 
paint white...

Or for a cute set of white angels!
Here is another cozy
that makes me want to
jump right in.

With a white matelasse cover...
and a 
nice down blanket...

I'm ready for relaxing!
Have a super sweet week!

May your week be filled with peace and joy!


  1. Very nice pictures..and I love white too ;o)
    Have a happy week!

  2. Gorgeous white Chris. I would love white linen on our bed, but I am sure it would only stay that way for 5 minutes :( Tam x

  3. Oh MY, that sweet duckling on the mommy's feathers! My heart just melted..sigh.

  4. Ohhhhhhwie schöööööön!!!!!Ist das dein Schlafzimmer???Alles Weiß klasse!!!Der Häkelbeutel gefällt mir auch sehr gut .Bin auch grade dabei einen zu häkeln .LG Ina

  5. That last pic's so cute! And I love the attic hideaway - delicious! I have a set of white wings on my bedroom wall :) Abby x

  6. Beautiful whites. It can make any room seem crisp and clean and cool. I use a white chenille spread on my bed in the summers.

  7. Such a lovely white post! I love white too, and things painted white mixed with a little colour - and the textures of old white linens..heavenly. I loved all your white pictures here, so inspiring.
    Helen x

  8. Such a pretty post..your whites are stunning...I do love white. xoxox hugs for a great weekend.

  9. Chris, what a magical post!
    I love everyone of your white photos, they are superb!
    The feather is especially amazing, as is that last photo with the tiny little fluff ball!
    Just magic.
    Thank you so much for this post, it is so peaceful, restful and dreamy.
    Thanks for your lovely comment!
    Gill xx