Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tea or Coffee?

 I love pretty cups and dishes, and I love
serving tea or coffee 
in beautiful

I have complete sets, but I think it's really fun 
to serve tea or coffee in mismatched 
china around the table.
Everyone gets their own special one of a kind cup to
admire while they have a nice cup of tea or coffee.

Which cup would you like if you came to 
my house?  

Would it be a beautiful rose cup like the one above, 
or would it be this simple,
but elegant
cup below?

Would you choose a beautiful 
cup dripping with roses 

I have a complete set of china with the pattern below.
This china is so versatile and fits with
everything...simple or fancy.

My daughters favorite cups are the
ones with little winking
I will have to put them in her hope chest,
they will make 
for a great surprise!

I love it when you find a set that 
still has it's cake plate to
go with it!

Would you want a royal cup?

 Or something plain, but with elegant shape?

 Or one that shows your equestrian side?

Or maybe one that's 
vibrant with gold trim?

 Or one that might reflect an art deco oriental taste?

 Whatever cup you would choose
would be just fine 
with me!

We would fill it with a great cup of cheer!!!

Have a Wonderful Week!!


  1. Ohh.. the last in pink would my do. I like also the old Fashion style.
    thank you for your nice comment on my blog.
    i go and have a look at your blog now.
    have a good day Stephanie

  2. Cup of tea in the 4th cup the soft colours of the flowers.
    Enjoy your week...
    Julie x

  3. Tea please. But I think I have to take about at least 4 different cuppa's! The versatile one, the face one, the very pink one oooh I simply cannot choose! Have a lovely week!

  4. Every one of those cups is a gem. My favorite would be the art deco design. I also collect old china and just love the variety of shapes, patterns and even weight of the cups and saucers.

  5. I have the top one and the maple leaf one but in a different shape and my mother has the Royal one. You have a beautiful collection, when I come to have tea with you, I do believe that the art deco, oriental one will hold my tea.

  6. Oh I love them! I love to have tea in them, only DH always wants the biggest mugs of the world (tea addict) ...

    Have a great week, bye! Carolien

  7. oooh, you have some gorgeous china! Tea for me please, in the first rose cup! Abby x

  8. When I come over to your house for tea, I'll want to drink from that QEII cup!! :-)

  9. Oh Chris what beautfiful cups!
    I would have to come more than once I'm afraid as I like so many! But my favs would have to be the first roses with gilt cup - beautiful! I also love the simple floral country style one before the winking eye one, and that last pretty pink one!
    What a beautiful collection!
    I have a few trios and duos, I must do a post on mine!
    I will do a tutorial very soon on painting furniture, but I have left a comment on my post if you want some hints sooner.
    Gill xx

  10. Just think ing the other day that I must buy some tea cups and saucers.I made some cup cakes and thought how wonderful with a nice cup of tea but then searching I realised I am really lacking in the china porcelain department. Love all yours andrecognised a few fine english china porcelain.The pink one would of matched my pink cupcakes. Ciao Alison