Sunday, September 2, 2012

Another Day in Seward

I headed back over to Seward the other day for a
full day of exploring the 

Off in the distance I could see beautiful hanging 

The service berries were starting to ripen in the woods.

I was lucky to not have it rain on me.
There was always a hint of rain in the sky, but it kept it's

As the tide was going out jellyfish became stranded on the
There were many different kinds, but this one caught my attention
with it's long tentacles.

I love this weatherworn piece of wood!
What a pretty shade of blue.

Tiny little sandpipers kept me company.

Along my walk I saw a lot of mossy covered rocks.
It's been a great summer for moss, lots of rain!!!

It's a beautiful place to spend a day!


  1. Amazing pics once again Chris! It looks pretty chilly though... ;-) Love the one with the rainbow!

  2. Gorgeous pictures. Each picture has special details that make it perfect.I love that touch of a rainbow.

  3. Wonderful day in Seward, Christa... always enjoy your photos so much. See tonight there are heavy storm warnings for the Peninsula; be safe traveling back to ANC... Another is on the way Wednesday/Thursday. Hugs your way.