Monday, September 24, 2012

A Non Rainy Day Walk!

We have had record rainfalls this year, so when the sun comes
out it's real cause to celebrate!

When it doesn't rain I hurry out to take photos 
and if I have time I'll stop to pick cranberries for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I also go Oding!!!  A new found hobby for me.  Oding is a new term used
to describe a person who goes out and looks for dragonfly's.
It's a lot like birding, but I think it's harder.

The dragonfly's head out to sunbath and warm up.  That's the perfect time to sneak 
up on them and snap a photo.

The colors are really beautiful right now.  Aspen and 
birch trees are lighting up the forests.
Truly spectacular!!

The color variations seem endless!  

The season is almost over for mushrooms, but
I found this cute little one while out on a walk.

A great shaggy mane...these are
great for stews and soups and they are a true fall mushroom!

With all our rain, Alaska is experiencing a lot of flooding.
This photo was taken in Crown Point in the Trail River Campground.

Little bugs are having a extended summer season since the 
temperatures have been staying above freezing.
And rain means slugs!  Lots of them!!!
Not my favorite garden addition, but I had to share the bottom photo
with you, because you can see the slugs breathing hole on his 
right side.  They have no nose so this is how they breath.

Go out and take a walk...and enjoy the colors in your area!!!
It's super relaxing!!


  1. The colours your way are gorgeous. We have had very little rain so there is not the colour we usually see.I love the last picture especially,although they are all beautiful.

  2. There have been reports on the national news about your bad flooding, I always think about my blogging friends way up North when I hear this. I do hope you are out of harms way!

    Beautiful photos as usual! xo

  3. I took a walk myself today. It was beautiful with the pups, they loved it.....
    It was a day for cranberry picking for sure!

  4. Beautiful photographs Christine. I especially like the last one with the view of the river in between the trees. So very pretty! It sounds special to be picking cranberries in the wild. That one of the advantages of living in such a beautiful area as you do.

    Happy new week!

    Madelief x